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for Your Unique CBD Products

We understand the CBD industry and how to create packaging boxes that help your product stand out on the shelves or online.


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We address all your design concerns through our innovative approach. For that, CBD Packaging Store uses multiple substrates to create a packaging solution that suits your brand. We are a leading CBD packaging manufacturer that develops high-performance CBD packaging boxes made from materials you like.

We Deliver Excellence

Need help connecting with your audience and showing you have quality products? CBD Packaging Store addresses this issue by engaging your customers effectively with packaging boxes made from top-quality materials and styled with excellent add-ons. So your products will look like a brand.

Best Quality CBD Packaging Boxes by CBD Packaging Store

Cannabis-Infused Products for a Range of Human Health Benefits

There has been an increase in demand for cannabis-infused products. The reason is their multiple benefits for the general well-being of people and pets such as cats, dogs, and horses. Cannabidiol can be extracted from hemp or marijuana, but CBD from hemp plants is non-psychoactive and is suitable for skin, metabolism, stress relief, etc. It means all CBD products presented on store shelves in beautifully-designed CBD packaging boxes are the best to deal with our numerous health and mental issues.

CBD is available as edibles such as supplements, jelly beans, CBD chewable, cannabis protein bars, etc. Other CBD-infused products are shampoos for shiny hair, anti-aging creams, lotions and ointments, cigarettes, hand sanitizers, soaps, and bath bombs. All of these products are in high demand for their exceptional functionality. Moreover, the availability of custom CBD boxes on store shelves tells us customers love buying these products.

Customize the Packaging of Your CBD Products to Make Your Brand Stand Out

With the growing popularity of cannabis-derived products, more and more brands have started to manufacture CBD products. To make your product stand out, you need to present your CBD products in attractive CBD packaging boxes, as the packaging indicates the quality and value of the product.

At CBD Packaging Store, we manufacture high-quality printed packaging boxes. These boxes are carefully crafted with vibrant colors and designs to enhance the attention of your CBD products when placed on the retail shelf.

CBD Retail Boxes Manufactured with Quality Material to Complete Protection of Valuable CBD Items

CBD items are considered premium quality because the extraction of Cannabidiol is a complex procedure. CBD Packaging Store is the right place to meet your packaging needs if you are a manufacturer of valuable CBD products.

CBD packaging boxes for edibles are made from food-grade material that prevents CBD edibles from getting wet and damaged in the environment. We carefully create custom printed packaging using high-quality cardboard to provide you with safe and durable hemp packaging boxes.

If you want to give your customers a sense of exclusivity and a touch of luxury to your products, you can opt for CBD Rigid Boxes. The material used to make the custom CBD boxes is sturdy enough to safely store all CBD items and protect your delicate products like CBD beard oil, massage oils, E Liquids, etc.

CBD oil tincture boxes are made from premium materials capable of environmental and shipping problems. Hemp oil tincture boxes and CBD serum boxes are made of impact-resistant material, as these types of products are usually stored in glass containers, and the impact-resistant material prevents the glass from shattering.

Buy Premium CBD Boxes to Customize in All Sorts of Ways to Suit Your Business Needs

Buying something that is uniquely yours brings a sense of happiness. That’s why we leave no stone unturned at CBD Packaging Store to provide you a Packaging Box that is uniquely yours. Whatever your industry is, we are here to serve you to the best of our ability. If you are a cbd pre roll packaging manufacturer, you can get custom pre roll boxes that can be made in any size, style, and color.

Cosmetics are mainly used by women, so cosmetic boxes are designed using vibrant and feminine color combinations to appeal to the target audience. Unlike cosmetics, if you are in the pharmaceutical industry and are looking for CBD pharmaceutical boxes for your CBD medications, we also have several custom options to meet your business needs.

With CBD Packaging Store, you can virtually customize the features of your CBD box to label it as your creative creation. You can get CBD oil boxes, CBD vape boxes, and all kinds of marijuana packaging custom-made in shape, size, design, and layout. The wholesale CBD boxes produced at the CBD packaging shop accurately represent your packaging ideas and aspirations.

You can also get high-quality custom labels for jars, bottles, bags, etc., of your CBD products. These labels are an eye-catching way to present crucial product-specific information.

We Offer Free Design Consultation to Make Your Wholesale CBD Boxes A Success

CBD Packaging Store is a customer-focused supplier of CBD packaging boxes. We value our customers and aim to provide them with the best solutions for their storage needs. We have a team of professional salespeople and designers. They are always ready to support you if you need clarification in the design process. You can request a design consultation completely free of charge.

Additional Unique Features That Increase Awareness of Your CBD Products

Packaging can be used as an effective promotional tool. It is perceived even before the product itself, so good packaging gives a good image of your brand and the product it contains. CBD Packaging Store offers many attractive features that make it look more creative and unique when added to your packaging.

Consumers are influenced by how a box feels. To add a touch of luxury to the texture of your CBD packaging, we have a range of coatings available. You can choose Soft Touch, Matte, or Spot UV if you want to coat your packaging box wholesale.

Why CBD Packaging Store for CBD Products?

Many packaging firms are in the market that offers packaging solutions for businesses. However, many do not accept orders of CBD products without understanding how important these products are for human mental and physical health.

On the other hand, many packaging firms offer CBD packaging boxes but do not understand the sensitivity of these products. It means they do not know precisely how to deal with CBD products when they are asked to provide packaging solutions for CBD products.

So, to address all these issues CBD product manufacturers may face, CBD Packaging Store jumped into the market. We have a team of experts who have provided CBD packaging solutions to many companies since the introduction of CBD products after legalization. They also understand the legal requirements a company needs to follow before joining the market. It means all the legal requirements you must follow while printing custom CBD packaging boxes.

Our free design support, customization, and free shipping keep your packaging budget controlled. Moreover, our fastest turnaround time of 7-12 working days helps you keep yourself attached to your customers. With a minimum order quantity of 100 custom CBD boxes, we allow small businesses, startups, and SMEs to present themselves as a brand to the market.

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    Frequently Asked Questions
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    CBD Packaging Store gives CBD packaging boxes the look you want according to your brand requirements. Moreover, these services are available to all our valued customers for free.
    We offer as low as 100 custom CBD Boxes to all our customers regardless of their business type and location. This option helps small businesses and startups establish their reputation as a brand.
    We offer the fastest turnaround time or the estimated time of arrival of 12 business days. It means you get all your orders according to the commitment we made to you.
    Yes, we offer expedited services. However, you can avail of these services only after getting confirmation from our production department and shipping company.
    CBD Packaging Store has a team of design experts who know precisely how to create catchy designs for custom CBD boxes by following the latest trends. Moreover, this design support and customization are free for all.
    You can place an order by completing our Get An Instant Quote form. We also accept your orders on calls, chatting, email, WhatsApp, and Skype. Our Contact Us page also allows you to place your order successfully.