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80ml Bottle Boxes

Opt the best cardboard materials to provide excellence in quality to those who are interested in buying 80 ml bottles, which have different products inside. At CBD Packaging Store, we make sure to accommodate all the concerns of the manufacturers by addressing all their marketing and security needs. For more information about these specially-designed 80ml bottle boxes, contact us at any time.

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    Order Custom 80ml Bottle Boxes at CBD Packaging Store

    Providing such a look to your cannabis liquors, perfumes, beverages, e-liquids, medicines, and CBD tincture that makes you stand out among your competitors is the ultimate aim of packaging. If you are missing intent in your packaging solutions, partner with CBD Packaging Store and get the most impactful 80ml bottle boxes at your doorstep with the fastest turnaround time.

    Catchy cardboard displays always attract customers more than any other packaging option. However, when you want to use custom 80ml bottle boxes for protecting your liquid products, you need a complete packaging package. Here, the designers of CBD Packaging Store help you incorporate the best styles, designs, colors, shapes, and sizes to convince the customers more effectively and efficiently.

    Another important aspect to attract customers more aggressively is to use top-notch printing techniques, tools, and solutions to convey your message stylishly. First of all, our designers include a company logo with a slogan at the most appropriate place to help develop your brand reputation in the market.

    With that, we also need to make these custom printed 80ml bottle boxes more attractive by additional features like embossing, debossing, glittering, gold or silver foiling, matting, glossing, adding ribbons, and die-cut windows. All these features keep your brand relevant, can use this marketing technique to increase your revenues.

    Protection of Your Custom 80ml Bottle Boxes with Quality Materials

    Delivering your liquid products in the right shape and with authentic volume must be the preference of all manufacturers. Ignoring this aspect can damage your brand reputation in the market. Therefore, making the right decisions in choosing the right material for CBD oils packaging helps you protect your liquid products during transportation and shipping.

    Generally, CBD Packaging Store recommends mailer boxes here to ensure the maximum and optimal protection of your boxes. These boxes offer you the required protection and security to these bottle boxes of 80 ml.

    Subscription boxes are also used to add some flavor in printed 80ml bottle boxes. CBD Packaging Store recommends this option because these boxes can easily be assembled. So, if you want to keep yourself comfortable after receiving your order, you need to choose these boxes.

    Apart from it, using the right material can play a significant role in adding protection to your stylish 80ml bottle packaging. For that, you can select any of the numerous options, like cardboard, cardstock, corrugated, eco-friendly Kraft, and rigid. These materials also depend on your liquid product.

    If it is expensive, you can go for some special packaging solutions. However, if you cannot manage the cost within the sale price of a specific product, you need to use the materials that suit you.

    Endless Options for Wholesale 80ml Bottle Boxes

    The difference does matter when you are in a tough competition. Therefore, you need to make your 80ml bottle boxes elegant and unique to get the attention of potential customers. CBD labels are also widely used for branding in the international world. So, we also recommend you to go for something different if you are a new company or your previous branding efforts have not been successful.

    At CBD Packaging Store, we have a wide list of design templates for 80ml bottle boxes, and you can choose any one of them according to your product requirement, market situation, and customers’ mindset. With that, we also offer you free customization to the maximum level. It means that you are allowed to change the whole box or update it as per your requirement.

    We also allow you to give your favorite template of someone else. You can also recommend changes even in these templates. Our designers are ready to make this template according to your expectations. These free services also assure that your wholesale 80ml bottle packaging will remain affordable.

    What Does CBD Packaging Store Offer with Custom Packaging?

    Additional finishing and printing features are also available to you, and you can discuss these options with our designers. For example, if you want debossing or embossed company logo, add gold or silver foiling, get a die-cut window, or include a UV spot, we compensate for everything that you recommend to us.

    Another plus while working with CBD Packaging Store is that we offer free shipping to all our customers located around the globe. It means that you do not need to worry about shipping fees that can spoil all your efforts to introduce you to the market as a brand. You will get wholesale boxes for 80ml bottles at your doorstep without any shipment or hidden charges.

    The fastest turnaround time gives us an edge over competitors. Many companies want immediate delivery of their printed 80 ml bottle boxes. At CBD Packaging Store, we can address your concerns more efficiently. Generally, an order takes 10 to 15 working days. However, if you want to change these timings, we can address your queries according to the workload.

    Want to get more details about 80 ml bottle boxes? Call now at 855-890-8200!

    At CBD Packaging Store, we offer complete solutions to develop a strong business relationship through intelligently-designed custom CBD packaging boxes with free customization and shipping globally.

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    1. Cindy Brandon

      I was in search of finding the best manufacturers of 80 ml bottle boxes. CBD Packaging Store did it excellently well for my CBD products.

    2. Ashley Nesbit

      I do not order online because I prefer those companies, which are in my town. However, during corona virus, I needed to do so. CBD Packaging Store did an excellent job in delivering 80 ml bottle boxes.

    3. Tammy Conner

      I never found such a world-class packaging before ordering CBD Packaging Store. They were awesome in delivering 80 ml Bottle Boxes all the time during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

    4. Eileen Coughlan

      CBD Packaging Store is my seventh packaging company, and I am thankful to God that at last, my search has been over.

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    we offer a minimum order quantity of as low as 100 80ml Bottle Boxes to all our valuable customers. On the other hand, we offer exclusive discounts to those customers who order packaging solutions in bulk. It means they can get exclusive rates when ordering wholesale packaging solutions.

    Mainly, it depends on your material selection, design options, add-ons, and finishing. Overall, eco-friendly packaging materials are the most affordable, so you can choose this material to keep your packaging budget under control.

    You can use 80ml Bottle Boxes for all those products that need protection and style when customers find them. However, the best products are food, cosmetics, apparel, medicines, CBD, bakery, and many others.
    We offer a wide range of styles of 80ml Bottle Boxes to our customers. To explore these designs, you can request a catalog. Moreover, you can also share your thoughts in the form of design samples to produce a similar design with customization.

    It is up to your request. You can choose any of the coating options we have. However, in some cases, some specific coatings work. Our customer support team will guide you about your coating selection when finalizing your order.

    Yes, we have our own warehouse where we can keep your orders of 80ml Bottle Boxes for a long to get them when required. It helps you get your order of specifically-designed packaging when required, and you do not need to order the same product repeatedly.


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    We provide customized packaging solutions to Small, Medium and Corporate businesses. Choose from the predefined styles and materials such as Kraft, cardboard or corrugated. Finishing options like Lamination, Spot UV, Foil Stamping, Embossing and Debossing are also available.