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Custom Pre-Roll Boxes

Discover brilliance at CBD Packaging Store – Your one-stop for exclusive custom pre-roll boxes. Add appeal, safeguard products, and elevate the customer experience with our top-quality packaging solutions.

Custom Pre Roll Boxes

Premium Pre Roll Boxes to elevate your customers’ experience

Quality and finesse matter the most for a pre-roll brand to improve customers’ experience. CBD Packaging Store leaves a lasting impression on your customers’ minds through exceptional packaging solutions.

Free Template Design

Safe & Secure

Robust protection makes pre-rolls valuable, and our pre roll boxes keep your products in their original potency and help your customers enjoy them.

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Custom Designs

Stand out from the competition with customization offered by CBD Packaging Store and give your pre roll boxes a more eye-catching look.

CBD Industry Specialists

Premium Materials

Crafting boxes for pre-rolls with high-quality materials help give your customers a luxurious feel that ultimately develops a brand reputation.

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Convenient Storage

Enhance customer recognition and promote your brand with pre-roll boxes with stylishly and uniquely printed logo and brand name.

Digital Printing Solutions


We help you contribute to the environment by offering sustainable and eco-friendly materials and procedures while preparing boxes.

Market Competitive Prices

Brand Awareness

Enhance customer recognition and promote your brand with pre-roll boxes with stylishly and uniquely printed logo and brand name.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Packaging Solutions


PLA/ Biodegradable

Incorporate sustainability in your custom pre roll packaging boxes with PLA/ Biodegradable. CBD Packaging Store understands the importance of eco-friendly materials as these stocks simultaneously offer environmental consciousness and functionality.


Our recyclable pre roll boxes help you go green. It is because we design these packaging solutions with the environment in mind. So, make a sustainable choice without compromising style or quality with easily recycled boxes that help reduce waste.


Make Your Pre-Rolls Visually Appealing with Custom Pre-Roll Boxes

Using pre-rolls is a new norm, and many in our surroundings love using these products. Mainly, the reason is the legality of these products. Another reason is that pre-rolls offer relaxation to our minds and body. These aspects have motivated CBD product manufacturers to brand and market CBD pre-rolls. And custom pre-roll boxes can be the best part of such strategies.

Attracting customers is the ultimate aim of any business, and the same is valid for pre-roll providers. With appealing designs of pre roll boxes after customizing them according to brand requirements, CBD Packaging Store ensures prospects find your pre-rolls eye-catching and may think about switching their brand.

The Epic Journey of Pre-Rolls and Their Unmatched Distinction

Cannabidiol, or CBD, has been a part of our lives for centuries. However, after its legalization in several countries, people have started exploring products made from this non-intoxicating cannabis compound more diligently. So, these few words will help you understand CBD products.

First, you must learn that CBD is found in hemp, and only a few chunks of delta-9 THC are there to get you high. Otherwise, CBD products do not get you high and offer a variety of therapeutic benefits to your body and mind. Here, it is essential to note that laws allow only 0.3% of THC in CBD products. Therefore, if you buy these products from a renowned department store, you can purchase these products without worrying about intoxicating effects.

When differentiating CBD pre-rolls and cigarettes from other CBD products, the massive difference is that pre-rolls are smokable hemp products. This way, the consumers use pre-rolls as a cigarette. However, instead of tobacco, there are high-CBD hemp strains (collected from hemp flowers) in pre-rolls. These pre-rolls are hand-rolled joints made from high-quality CBD.

Until now, cannabis has been used in medicines, edibles, cereals, lozenges, lotions, creams, and soaps. However, the reality is that pre-rolls are the best among them. It is because you do not need to put extra effort into consuming CBD this way.

When using cannabis pre-rolls, you take a smoke to the lungs, where cannabis finds its way to your lungs and instantly becomes a part of the bloodstream. All these details are mainly given on CBD pre-roll boxes made from cardboard. However, we have discussed it here because many CBD product manufacturers may not know much about the importance of luxury and custom packaging of cannabis pre-rolls.

Why Custom Pre-Roll Boxes Matter?

The presentation is significant if you want to develop yourself as a brand. Some experts claim that even its importance is equivalent to the product quality. More interestingly, some marketing professionals keep presentations ahead of product quality. They claim it because customers observe product quality when they are impressed by the display.

The next step will be initiated if they like your presentation through pre-roll packaging designed with some excellent ideas. Therefore, top brands keep all these things in mind. If you need to learn more about it, our experts at CBD Packaging Store are ready to help.

We at CBD Packaging Store understand the importance of our job to make your products successful through our excellently planned custom packaging solutions. We offer custom pre roll boxes at wholesale

and retail rates. However, our ultimate goal is to convince potential customers about buying your cannabis pre-rolls through our attractively-designed premium pre-roll packaging boxes.

CBD Packaging Store – Highest Standards of Printing

To attract existing and potential customers, only the highest-precision colors produce results. With that, font and letter selection also need attention to promote your pre-rolls as a branded product. To achieve all these targets, we boast our printing team. Our experts ensure that your logo and all other details come to life on your luxury pre-roll packaging and represent a specific taste.

Whether you go for direct printing, printing on both sides, printing in a single color, or up to 4 colors, we always ensure that it is satisfactory and up to the standards. The final result will reflect professionalism and give your custom pre roll boxes an identity of their own.

Additional Features on Custom Pre Roll Packaging

Besides high-quality printing in up to four colors, we offer some excellent add-ons to give your pre roll boxes a premium touch. First, you can use labels with pre roll box packaging to tell about your brand. Moreover, you can choose from debossing, embossing, spot UV, foiling, or laser cutting to make your pre-roll boxes wholesale look unique.

Creating excellent designs of dispensary boxes to keep pre-rolls fresh and original is a massive plus for CBD Packaging Store. These designs have multiple features. For example, your customers will conveniently find your products on store shelves. Your pre roll display boxes tell everything about your brand, company name, address, and product details with benefits, limitations, and instructions to use.

Additional features give your brand name and logo a different look and feel. These features convince potential customers to touch your packages and feel the uniqueness you have introduced in these packaging solutions. CBD Packaging Store recommends these features because there is a vast difference between a blank packaging box and a printed pre roll box packaging solution.

Experience the Most Efficient Customer Care Service

Our customer care service is always available throughout the week and at any time of the day or night. We are keen to hear from you and help you with anything that needs to be clarified or bothering you.

Overall, we answer all your calls during business hours. So, whether you want to connect with us through landline phones, WhatsApp, Skype, or online chat, we are ready to answer all your calls. We get you back instantly if you send us an email or message through our Contact Us page during business hours. However, we only answer your calls if you contact us after business hours or during weekends. However, we keep your call records with us and will get you back within the next 24 working hours. The same is valid for all the emails you have sent after our office closing or during weekends.

If you have any questions regarding our services, need clarification about the cardboard pre-roll packaging or most suited box style, want to confirm our prices, or want to help place an order, you can contact our representative. You can talk to us through live chat on our website, send us an email that will be responded earliest possible, or you can request a call from our customer care representative.

Get Speedy and Free Home Delivery

We provide the quickest delivery of pre roll boxes in the entire packaging industry. Irrespective of the order size, we mostly deliver the orders to our customers in 12 business days. The clients usually prepare, send, and receive the charges within these days. You can also use our expedited or rush hours services if you want to receive your orders earlier than the deadline we said to you.

Moreover, we help businesses control their packaging budgets. For that, we offer all our customers free design support and customization of their pre rolls packaging solutions. This way, you do not need an in-house design team or a firm where you outsource all your designs. The reason is that we help you get your plans according to their requirements and expectations. More importantly, all these services are accessible to all our customers. Moreover, we offer pre roll boxes wholesale with free global delivery to any destination. We pay for the delivery charges ourselves on your behalf.

We Take Orders for Boxes as Low as Just 100

At CBD Packaging Store, we are taking orders for the lowest minimums. You can order as small as 100 pre-rolls of packaging boxes with us. We cater to huge wholesalers and encourage small wholesalers and entrepreneurs. Get a head start with us by meeting all your packaging needs at one store.

We hope you are interested in our beautifully-designed custom pre roll boxes. If yes, contact us now!

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Unrivaled Refinement with Pre Roll Packaging at its Finest

Everyone loves elevating their brand’s image and uses various techniques to ensure it. However, we at CBD Packaging Store claim our exquisite range of custom pre roll packaging boxes can have the best impact in developing your brand reputation. Crafted and tailored to perfection and precision, our custom boxes reflect the essence of style, elegance, and sophistication. When prospects find these captivating creations, they will start loving your pre-rolls, enticed by unparalleled excellence.

Our thoughtfully-designed pre roll box solutions help you unlock the power of a first look. These packaging boxes are meticulously constructed to secure your joints’ integrity while showcasing the unique features of these products. Our dedication to our work ensures all aspects of packaging, including texture and finishing, are addressed to exude refinement and luxury.

No business can deny that brand identity is paramount, and CBD Packaging Store accepts it. Therefore, we offer pre roll boxes with full customization. You can choose any premium packaging materials with your favorite colors and embellishments. We ensure this personalization can genuinely embody your brand’s reputation.

So, let our custom pre roll packaging solutions be your brand’s masterpiece. We ensure this effort will help you discover elegance for your brand and boost it tremendously.

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Coating and finishing of your choice

CBD Packaging Store has various options, from coloring, coating, and finishing to incorporating some fantastic add-ons to enhance the look of your pre-roll boxes. Let us explore some of them!



Various color schemes (CMYK, PMS) are available for custom pre roll boxes.



Several protective coatings like glossy, matte, and spot UV are for added visual appeal and durability.



Add finishing touches like embossing, gold/ silver foiling, and laminations for a complete finishing look.

Drawer/Sleeve boxes

Present yourself more elegantly with rectangular-shaped pre-roll boxes with full-color printing options.

Two-Piece Style

Give your pre roll boxes premium and high-end looks, and use a two-piece style made from rigid or Kraft.

Tuck-End Style

Easy-to-Assemble tuck-end boxes are the best for branding. Various material thicknesses are available.

Tailored to Your Needs

CBD Packaging Store understands every brand and product’s unique requirements. Therefore, our packaging experts work effectively and closely to create solutions that can easily align with your organizational goals.

Supreme Mastery in Pre Roll Boxes at Every Stage

Let us help you give your business a boost with the customization of custom pre-roll packaging boxes! It simply means quality delivery in any case. Order Now!

To get samples, call now.

Selecting a specific packaging solution can be challenging. The best option is to call us at CBD Packaging Store now. We send samples on your demand to check the material, printing, add-ons, finishing, and closure mechanism. This opportunity helps you decide wisely. A few samples of pre roll boxes are below!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Absolutely! At CBD Packaging Store, we specialize in designing and producing top-quality packaging solutions that can preserve taste, fragrance, efficacy, and overall CBD product quality in the long run. We understand that CBD products are sensitive enough to be affected due to environmental factors and lose their potency. Our Custom Pre-Roll Boxes also help avoid UV light, moisture and oxygen barrier, and other environmental and external factors. All these efforts confirm your customers will get your products in their original flavor, intensity, and fragrance.
    All packaging materials are available for Custom Pre-Roll Boxes at CBD Packaging Store. Some options are cardstock, corrugated, rigid stock, cardboard, and Kraft cardstock. All our customers prefer eco-friendly, biodegradable, and sustainable packaging materials to assemble. These packaging materials accumulate into toxic for the environment.

    Fitting the products fully inside the box is necessary to give your CBD products the look they deserve. Exact dimensions ensure your products can be protected fully, give your customers a feel they buy a brand, and make the unboxing experience unforgettable.

    Several add-ons are available at CBD Packaging Store that you can opt for. Some are:

    • Spot UV
    • Foiling (Gold, Silver, Pearl, etc.)
    • Strings (inserted, non-inserted)
    • Die-Cut Windows
    • Aqueous Coating
    • Laminations
    It is because we offer specialized packaging solutions for CBD products. These products need special attention and style to keep them safe and attract customers, and we at CBD Packaging Store understand how to deal with the Custom Pre-Roll Boxes

    Yes! Our designers help you make your artwork useful for packaging solutions for CBD products. Moreover, we also offer design services to all our customers in case of needing artwork. More interestingly, all these services are free for all.