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While talking about the most famous and favorite CBD products, CBD vape oil can be of the toppers. Many new brands are available for customers, and it is difficult for those who do not have a brand reputation. So, to develop yourself as a brand, we recommend CBD vape oil boxes. CBD Packaging Store promises the most handsome tailor-made boxes for your CBD vape oil. To give your boxes your own taste, you can select from our style catalog displaying as many as 15 different options. Moreover, we have different add-on options to make your boxes unique, e.g. you can go for embossing, debossing, laser cutting, spot UV, or foiling.
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    CBD vape oil is being increasingly used today in electronic cigarettes so that you may inhale every benefit associated with CBD through its vapor. Although, it has taken the name of CBD vape oil in fact, there isn’t any oil in this liquid. It can more appropriately be called CBD vape juice.

    The ingredients are such that it can even be consumed orally. Vaping CBD oil is known to help against epilepsy, muscular pain, anxiety, depression, and inflammation. Besides being used in food, soaps, as a tincture, cream, soap salt, and capsules as a relaxant, immunity booster, and pain reliever, CBD oil has now found its use as a vaping juice because of having immense health benefits.

    Get the Most Affordable Custom Boxes for CBD Vape Oil

    The CBD Packaging Store provides the highest quality, tailor made boxes for the popular CBD vape juice (more commonly called CBD vape oil) in most reasonable prices. We are conscious of the fact that with such strict competition in the market, packaging of your CBD vape oil can make or mar the future of your product in the market. Keeping in view how the success of your product is in our hands, we are very vigilant about our quality standards and we always promise the best. Here is how we help you succeed in the market;

    • Select From the Most Exquisite Range of Box Styles

    We have got an entire range of boxes for you to select from when it comes to different styles. You can select the design you like and then get it customized according to your needs and preferences. Moreover, you can even come up with a personalized design of your own and we will help you give it a luxurious finish so that your imagination comes alive.

    If you are confused about what’s trending in the market, you can always have a look at our style catalog and select the one which you think represents your brand personality. We have over 15 different styles for you to select from. These can further be edited to fit the specific requirements.

    • Get the Highest Quality Printing

    The CBD Packaging Store provides the finest of printing quality at most affordable prices. We are offering a number of printing options and you can choose the one that suits your budget and taste. You can get the printing done in as many as 4 colors. You can further choose from plain printing and printing on both sides. No matter which options you go for, we are always here to make sure the quality is the finest and color precision is at its highest level.

    • We Offer Variety of Add Ons to Add Uniqueness to your boxes

    If you are looking for a unique image of your own, there is no place better than CBD Packaging Store. Besides providing the biggest variety of box styles and the highest quality of printing, we offer many add on options to give your box a look of your own. E.g. you can get your logo embossed on your box or you can go for debossing, spot UV, laser cutting, or hot stamping/foiling.

    • We Claim to be the Most Affordable Packaging option

    Our prices are always lower than the current market prices. You get the highest value for your money with CBD Packaging Store. The best way for you to verify our claim is by comparing your previous quote with a fresh quote through our website.

    You can get a free quote with us and you will be surprised by the result of this comparison. Just enter the details of your bulk packaging order in a simple form we provide on our website and get a free quote. Our prices are most of the time 60% lesser than the average market prices and quality is still the highest among all competitors.

    • We Offer a Big Range of Stock Options

    Just like wide a wide variety of box styles, printing options and add ons, we are offering lots of options in stock as well. You can select from 12pt, 14pt, 16pt, 18pt, 20pt, 22pt and 24 pt. moreover, you can go for an eco-friendly kraft for your boxes. Other options include corrugated and rigid stock. So, whatever are your packaging needs, we have got you covered.

    At CBD Packaging Store, we offer complete solutions to develop a strong business relationship through intelligently-designed custom CBD packaging boxes with free customization and shipping globally.

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    As CBD products are expensive and considered luxury products, therefore the custom packaging boxes are needed to give these items a prominent and expressive look. Moreover, these packaging boxes offer extra protection to keep them secure from external and environmental factors. Additionally, the manufacturers can provide the details about the product, instructions to use, and benefits that a customer can extract from a product.
    The FDA has defined different CBD products to develop an understanding of the products. According to the FDA, CBD products are considered supplements that multiply the metabolism in which red cells are increased.
    The laws and rules regarding CBD products are a bit confusing. However, we can identify some basic requirements for CBD packaging, which have been discussed here: You need to clarify whether the CBD product is a food or supplement. Although FDA does not specify anything for mentioning this specific information, the manufacturers should be on the safe side and mention it. You also need to provide an identity statement. You must mention the quantity or volume of each ingredient on the boxes. A responsibility statement is also required to mention on the boxes. It is also important to mention the nutrition statement as well Follow state and country-specific regulations to make sure that your product is legal.
    Yes, it is a must according to the law and regulations, defined by all the governments, where selling CBD products is legal.
    As we are wholesale CBD boxes manufacturer we provide you with competitive prices that are very hard to beat. In case you place bulk orders with us you will amazing discounts from us.
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    We provide customized packaging solutions to Small, Medium and Corporate businesses. Choose from the predefined styles and materials such as Kraft, cardboard or corrugated. Finishing options like Lamination, Spot UV, Foil Stamping, Embossing and Debossing are also available.