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CBD Packaging Store is specialized in providing the top quality packaging solution with high precision printing details. We offer superior quality, pixel perfect print, and cutting edge custom packaging services delivered to your doorsteps in the minimum time frame with free shipment service. Get your customized Hemp Flour Boxes at a wholesale rate with a low minimum order quantity. Book your order today!

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    Hemp Flour is obtained by milling hemp seeds and is gaining huge attention all over the world. It is rich in many nutritional benefits as it contains fiber, mineral salts, Omega 3, and Omega 6, with the healing and anti-oxidant properties of hemp oil. Hemp flour is mainly used for bread-making and preparing sweet baked products, such as cookies, pastries, biscuits and cupcakes and pasta.

    Health Benefits of Hemp Flour

    Hemp offers multiple health benefits and provides nutrition. It is extracted from the Cannabis plants and has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Hemp flour has much potential health benefit such as:

    • It can be used to get relief from constipation.
    • It can reduce the risk of many vascular and heart diseases.
    • It relieves muscle stress and muscle soreness.
    • It is a great source of nutrition.

    With the increasing demand for hemp products, the need for special packaging for hemp products is also increasing. Therefore, CBD Packaging Store is here to offer the best quality Hemp packaging so your product hits the shelf with grace.

    Protective Custom Printed Hemp Flour Boxes:

    No doubt the main purpose of packaging products is to contain it, preserve its originality, and keep it safe from any damage. So, it is important to encase the hemp products such as hemp flour in the most durable packaging. CBD Packaging Store offers sturdy-built hemp boxes using the best and robust materials to store the items. The packaging is eco-friendly and recyclable to prevent any harm to the environment.

    Custom Hemp Flour Boxes with Appealing Designs

    The allure in the product is essential to engage the potential customer and the power of packaging can’t be denied. The customers get captivated to the Hemp Flour Boxes if they are crafted with care and creativity. The packaging speaks when there is no one to tell the benefits of the product.

    CBD Packaging Store professionals have extensive experience in the packaging industry, they are well aware of the market trends and how to keep the customer interested. We offer endless customization options with alluring designs and stylish layouts available in different sizes, shapes, and colors according to customers’ preferences.

    Eye-catching Embellishments and Finishing options

    We offer multiple add-on embellishments and finishing techniques to make your boxes polished and captivating. You can choose from

    • Embossing/ Debossing (logo designing)
    • Silver/gold foiling
    • Transparent windowpane
    • PVC sheet
    • Spot UV lamination
    • Matte or Gloss Coating

    We offer you complete liberation to choose the outlook of your personalized hemp flour boxes. This is exactly what you need to manipulate the market and gear it towards your desired direction. If you need any help in the designing process, our highly competent design experts will help you in choosing and creating elegant hemp flour boxes.

    Cost-effective Wholesale Hemp Flour Boxes:

    We provide custom hemp flour boxes that are cost-effective with a premium look. Hemp Flour Boxes manufactured by the experts at CBD Packaging Store are available at inexpensive wholesale rates. We offer the best quality packaging boxes at the most affordable prices which will help you in achieving your business goals of securing maximum profits.

    Vivid Colors with high-tech offset printing

    We adhere to the best printing protocols by using the latest high-tech printing techniques and the best quality inks to customize your hemp flour boxes. Each one will appear vibrant and extraordinary due to our color precision detailing our latest offset printing technology.

    Order your desired number of boxes

    Nowadays, every brand desires to have maximum profit by investing less and gaining the attention of the target audience. You also want to achieve this without having to invest large amounts of money or getting stuck with a large quantity of box packaging. Our low minimum order policy is specifically formulated for this purpose. Moreover, we do not charge any special fee for low quantity orders because we aim to provide you with economical boxes.

    Free Shipping with a Fast Turnaround

    CBD Packaging Store aims to attain 100% customer satisfaction. This is why we offer free of cost shipment services worldwide so that you can save more. Your custom hemp boxes will be handled with great care as they are delivered to your doorsteps within 5-7 business days.

    CBD Packaging Store Customer Service 24/7

    CBD packaging Store makes its customers happy and satisfied by providing definite services. Our customer service representatives are available 24/7 to resolve all your queries and concerns in the best possible manner.

    At CBD Packaging Store, we offer complete solutions to develop a strong business relationship through intelligently-designed custom CBD packaging boxes with free customization and shipping globally.

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    1. Darren Willetts

      Excellent service and delivery. Thanks a lot CPS!

    2. Chris Manning

      Quick and prompt delivery, very inexpensive for smaller moq’s.

    3. Andrea Kerry

      Always great customer service!

    4. Bob

      Excellent quality boxes as usual.

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    As CBD products are expensive and considered luxury products, therefore the custom packaging boxes are needed to give these items a prominent and expressive look. Moreover, these packaging boxes offer extra protection to keep them secure from external and environmental factors. Additionally, the manufacturers can provide the details about the product, instructions to use, and benefits that a customer can extract from a product.
    The FDA has defined different CBD products to develop an understanding of the products. According to the FDA, CBD products are considered supplements that multiply the metabolism in which red cells are increased.
    The laws and rules regarding CBD products are a bit confusing. However, we can identify some basic requirements for CBD packaging, which have been discussed here: You need to clarify whether the CBD product is a food or supplement. Although FDA does not specify anything for mentioning this specific information, the manufacturers should be on the safe side and mention it. You also need to provide an identity statement. You must mention the quantity or volume of each ingredient on the boxes. A responsibility statement is also required to mention on the boxes. It is also important to mention the nutrition statement as well Follow state and country-specific regulations to make sure that your product is legal.
    Yes, it is a must according to the law and regulations, defined by all the governments, where selling CBD products is legal.
    As we are wholesale CBD boxes manufacturer we provide you with competitive prices that are very hard to beat. In case you place bulk orders with us you will amazing discounts from us.
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