Bottle Window Boxes

Customize the packaging of your products by adding a die-cut window by incorporating CBD Packaging Store to show your product inside the box to your customers. For that, we use rectangular cardboard bottle boxes. This window will complement your customized bottle window boxes and improve your presence as a brand on the store shelves.

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    Custom Bottle Window Boxes by CBD Packaging Store

    CBD Packaging Store has been providing top-notch cannabis packaging services to all industries for many years. Now, we have come out especially for CBD product manufacturers to help them establish themselves as a brand in the market. Our experienced and professional designers have all the skills and expertise to address all your packaging needs and prepare custom bottle window boxes with the latest designs, excellent printing, and at the most affordable rates. Partnering with CBD Packaging Store has numerous advantages for CBD product manufacturers.

    First of all, you can get custom printed bottle window boxes at the most affordable rates. Second. Our designers have all skills and expertise to prepare some of the most appealing designs of bottle window boxes.

    Third, CBD Packaging Store has the most recent procedures and the latest machines to deliver CBD custom boxes with style and attractiveness. So, you can use these customized bottle window boxes for branding, as we add a printed logo with a company slogan to help your customers remember your name.

    Fourth, our quality assurance team does not allow to send low-quality bottle window boxes wholesale for shipping. The story does not end here, as we make sure that you receive your orders within the deadline that was decided at the start. All these features make CBD Packaging Store the best option for you.

    How Do We Make Custom Bottle Window Boxes Different?

    Liquid products are delicate. Therefore, it is essential to use such techniques that help the manufacturers supply these products to the market without damage or leakage. For that, CBD Packaging Store uses all the skills to make window bottles boxes wholesale by using top-quality materials and extravagant designs. In this way, your liquid products remain prominent on store shelves and counters.

    With that, the packaging materials provide the required protection and security to keep these products protected inside the bottles. The packaging firms generally do not recommend packaging materials to their customers because they do not have a concern with it.

    Moreover, they use those materials, which can be harmful to the environment. At CBD Packaging Store, we try to convince you in using the material according to your product. With that, we also assure you that we use only recyclable and biodegradable materials.

    If our customers want a specific material for their packaging solutions, we make it possible for them as well. So, if you want cardboard for bottle window boxes, cardstock, biodegradable Kraft, rigid, or corrugated, we make sure that we will make it possible for you.

    Our design team consists of some of the best designers in the market. They know how to make your product prominent on store shelves by personalized bottle window boxes. They can help you brand yourself with some stylish and eye-catching designs. We have a wide range of colors, styles, shapes, and sizes to fulfill your branding requirement. Moreover, we also offer additional features to make these products unique and elegant.

    For example, we offer die cut cbd boxes, debossed or embossed company logo, matte and gloss finish, glittering, ribbons, and many other finishing options. All these features work in combination to produce custom printed window bottle boxes that grab customers’ attention more aggressively.

    Furthermore, we allow our customers to customize these customized bottle window boxes as maximum as they want. We have a wide range of bottle window boxes templates, and you can customize any of these templates to give a personalized look. On the other hand, if you like a template that is not available in our template list, we can make custom printed bottle boxes with windows according to it as well. More interestingly, we can customize these boxes for your bottles.

    Amazingly, these designs and customizations are free for all of your customers, as they do not need to pay us against these services.

    Best Quality Packaging Boxes For Your Bottles With Windows

    Get your desired bottle packaging boxes with windows at the most affordable prices. You only need to tell your requirements to our customer support executives. If there will be any customization or recommendations, you can coordinate with our experienced designers.

    When it is done, you do not need to worry, as we take care of each of our customers to provide them with personalized services and solutions. With that, we also make sure to deliver your boxes at the date, which we have decided already. If you need your window bottle boxes before the time that can be between 10 and 15 days, we can arrange it for you upon your request.

    Another important facility that CBD Packaging Store offers to its customers is coordinating with our customers during production and shipping. So, you remain connected with us that keeps you informed all the time about your order. We also deal with all types of orders, whether small or large.

    However, the minimum order quantity that you can ask for is at least 100 boxes. The maximum order quantity can be any, as we have a team that can deal with bulk orders conveniently. Moreover, we offer exclusive discounts against bulk orders.

    If you still have queries and questions about custom window bottle boxes, call us during office hours or send us an email at

    At CBD Packaging Store, we offer complete solutions to develop a strong business relationship through intelligently-designed custom CBD packaging boxes with free customization and shipping globally.

    6 reviews for Bottle Window Boxes

    1. Catherine Jones

      We were not satisfied with our previous manufacturer due to the poor quality of bottle window boxes. We found CBD Packaging Store on the Google and they performed better than our expectations.

    2. Jean Moore

      Bottle window boxes should be beautiful to attract more customers. The free design services at CBD Packaging Store helped me decide the best one and now, my customers are happy as well.

    3. Rosa Evans

      Ideally manufactured bottle window boxes with excellent delivery time. It is what we expected and what CBD Packaging Stored delivered to us.

    4. Timothy Stanton

      Finishing of bottle window boxes at CBD Packaging Store was the reason that I ordered them once again for these boxes. Highly recommended!

    5. Terry Ballard

      The best bottle window box providers in the market. We claim it because we have experienced it.

    6. June Rice

      Ordering for bottle boxes with dividers online itself is a huge risk. However, the customer support team of CBD Packaging Store remains on toes to deliver excellence. Therefore, I take risks of ordering online now.

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    As CBD products are expensive and considered luxury products, therefore the custom packaging boxes are needed to give these items a prominent and expressive look. Moreover, these packaging boxes offer extra protection to keep them secure from external and environmental factors. Additionally, the manufacturers can provide the details about the product, instructions to use, and benefits that a customer can extract from a product.
    The FDA has defined different CBD products to develop an understanding of the products. According to the FDA, CBD products are considered supplements that multiply the metabolism in which red cells are increased.
    The laws and rules regarding CBD products are a bit confusing. However, we can identify some basic requirements for CBD packaging, which have been discussed here: You need to clarify whether the CBD product is a food or supplement. Although FDA does not specify anything for mentioning this specific information, the manufacturers should be on the safe side and mention it. You also need to provide an identity statement. You must mention the quantity or volume of each ingredient on the boxes. A responsibility statement is also required to mention on the boxes. It is also important to mention the nutrition statement as well Follow state and country-specific regulations to make sure that your product is legal.
    Yes, it is a must according to the law and regulations, defined by all the governments, where selling CBD products is legal.
    As we are wholesale CBD boxes manufacturer we provide you with competitive prices that are very hard to beat. In case you place bulk orders with us you will amazing discounts from us.
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    We provide customized packaging solutions to Small, Medium and Corporate businesses. Choose from the predefined styles and materials such as Kraft, cardboard or corrugated. Finishing options like Lamination, Spot UV, Foil Stamping, Embossing and Debossing are also available.