Bottle Display Boxes

The bottle display boxes are an essential part of many liquids, especially for wine bottles. These bottle boxes are used for spirits, oils, and many other branded products as well. At CBD Packaging Store, we know that display boxes need the best material and printing facilities. For that, we use two layers of corrugated to improve the strength and protection of the bottle. These boxes are the best for retail display, market the product, and to give corporate gifts.

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Available in all Custom Sizes


Starts from 50 to Unlimited


CMYK, PMS, Without printing


Flat View, 3D Mock-up, Physical Sampling (On request)


Window Cut Out, Gold/Silver Foiling, Embossing, Raised Ink

Paper Stock

10pt – 24pt Cradstock, Eco-Friendly Kraft, Corrugated & Flute Stock

Default Process

Die Cutting, Gluing, Scoring, Perforating

Turn Around Time

Regular (6 to 8 Business Days to ship), Expedite (4 to 6 Business Days to ship)


Get Personalized Bottle Display Boxes When You Need Them

Want to compete with branding and top marketing strategies? You need the services of CBD Packaging Store, a renowned name in producing bottle display boxes with extravagant designs and marvelous printing.

Branding is not an easy task because a huge investment and lots of effort are required to manage this campaign. However, if you are looking for something affordable and manageable, you need to use packaging to brand yourself effectively and efficiently. It is not what is saying to you as all marketing experts think in this way.

Many top brands have made luxury cbd packaging a part of a marketing strategy because they think that it is packaging that grabs customers’ attention well before any other marketing aspect.

So, you can use Custom Bottle Display Packaging Boxes to promote your liquid products by showcasing them on store shelves. We assure you that you will win a little battle of competition in this way. Whenever a customer of CBD products is in front of these products, he can see many brands that are selling the same e-liquid and cannabis liquor.

Here, you can attract toward your products only when using custom bottle display packaging. At CBD Packaging Store, we follow all the latest and unique packaging standards to uplift your brand significantly. Our stylishly-made bottle display boxes for bottles reflect your product truly by using true colors, designs, shapes, styles, and sizes.

So, your customers can think numerous times before leaving your products unattended. It is what we help you brand your product. The story of branding does not end here. Our customers can astonish their competitors by introducing new designs of bottle display boxes frequently.

They can achieve it because we deliver their orders well before all our competitors with free shipping. Whenever they need to hit the market with new designs of bottle display boxes, they only need to contact us, and we will start making our efforts to send new packaging designs to them within 10 working days. Free shipping makes these boxes affordable. So, with a minimum fund, our customers can change the market scenario.

Countless Finishing Possibilities at CBD Packaging Store

We not only attract customers for you with our ferociously beautiful designs, but we also create some exceptional finishing looks, like gold or silver foiling, spot UV, debossing, embossing, glossy, and matte finishing, die-cut window, and many others. Using these finishing options creates an impressive first glance that stops your customers from moving.

Adding a company logo in bottle display boxes with other details is another feature to attract customers more aggressively. These printing options also help your customers remember you on the next visit. Our printing solutions allow your products to speak with your customers as we recommend printing all the information of the product and company on these custom display boxes for bottles. So, they can read the product information, instructions to use, benefits, and drawbacks of a particular CBD product.

Cardboard Bottle Display Boxes for Elegant Product Display and Protection

Elegance is important to promote yourself as a brand, and protection is to provide your liquid products with perfect volume and accurate intensity. And to achieve both these targets, using the best packaging materials is a must in bottle boxes. At CBD Packaging Store, we do not compromise on product security because it is the first and foremost reason to use custom CBD boxes.

We make it possible by recommending the packaging material after examining the product and bottle. Generally, we use cardboard, cardstock, corrugate, and Kraft materials to prepare your bottle display boxes. in some cases, we also claim that rigid material is the best to motivate your customers and encourage them not to leave the product without buying.

Using top-quality materials also enhances the appearance and presence of your product on store shelves. When we use the best printing technology to display your company logo on a top-quality material, it can generate results that you never expected. And if you follow the latest designing and customization trends, we assure you that you will find a boost in your regular sales and revenues. When it happens, you can also spend time branding and develop your reputation in the market.

Special Discounts While Ordering Custom Bottle Display Packaging Boxes

Affordability can be the biggest concern for many businesses, especially the smaller ones. However, there is no other option to make your customers, die-hard fans of your products. Additionally, small businesses cannot invest a huge amount in packaging. Therefore, they are in search of the most affordable cbd packaging manufacturer that can also fulfill their dreams of developing a brand.

CBD Packaging Store is a wonderful place to help you achieve this target. We offer free design and customization services to all our wholesale and retail customers. With that, we also provide free shipping services to all globally. These features ensure that display bottle boxes at CBD Packaging Store can be affordable for all our customers.

More importantly, we offer some exclusive discounts to our new customers and those who order bottle display boxes wholesale. All these efforts are to make packaging a part of your marketing strategy and promote your brand in the market.

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    I ordered CBD Packaging Store to prepare my bottle display boxes. They delivered in time and the quality was awesome. A businessman cannot expect more than that.

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    My CBD cosmetics need presentation, and for that, I am ordering bottle display boxes for years. We assure you that CBD Packaging Store is one of the best in the whole region.

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    I love CBD Packaging Store due to its excellent customer support services.

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    When I ordered bottle display boxes, I was not confident. However, the continues and persistent approach confirmed me that they are experienced. When I received order, it was 100% trust that I have achieved. All my next orders will be only for CBD Packaging Store.

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    Tyler Rivera

    They are affordable. My order was for bottle display boxes, and their rates were the best in the region.

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    Impeccable services! The best catalog of bottle boxes in town! Recommend CBD Packaging Store highly!

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    100% quality with awesome delivery services! Our beautiful bottle display boxes were delivered on the 7th day.

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