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How To Smoke A Pre-Roll

How To Smoke A Pre-Roll – Master Guide

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After a long day of hectic work, small puffs of Cannabis Pre-rolls would extract all your fatigue in just a few seconds. In One junk of Buzz, everything will be smooth! But the whole fun comes when you know all about Rolling and enjoying pre-rolled joints. Pre-rolls vary in size and obviously shape as well, so if you go to a dispensary and find a different one, you can find difficulty in Smoking pre-rolls

But you are not alone!

We are here; in this blog, we will get you the most convenient Smoking techniques that will not only make your every puff the LAST one but also refine your Cannabis joint smoking styles. Whether you are a beginner or a daily user, we have solutions to all your smoking problems in this guide.

What Is A Pre-Roll?

Let’s directly come to the true meaning of pre-rolls:

“Pre-roll is a way of packing or assembling non-medical Cannabis in joints and blunts – by the licensed and authorized producers.”

There are two Pre-roll consumption methods: Joints and Blunts. Let’s clear the properties of these two terms:

Pre-roll Joints VS Pre-roll Blunts

Characteristics Pre-roll JointsPre-roll Blunts
Shape Tapered in cylindrical shape cigarettes with no filterLook like Cigar
Color Come in different colors like white and brown, also with designingUsually, they come in dark brown paper
Size Standard Thick and more in size
Paper/wrapsJuicy and flavored wrapping papers Tobacco leaf wraps, hemp wraps, and different flavored
Weed wrapping capacity Quarter to one gram of weed, average 0.3-0.7 gramsAlmost 2 grams of weed
Lighting up Easier, leave no ash trace till last puffIt needs to light up often, produces less ash 
Fillers Strains or combination of differentUse any cannabis flower in combinations

Best Practices For Smoking Pre-Rolls


To make the rolls hit your mind more hard, here are some detailed pre-roll smoking tips for you:

1- Take The Cannabis:

Before you start smoking, you need to understand the making-up steps. First, gather all the equipment in a lighter, more comfortable place and pre-roll. 

How do you roll a good pre-roll?

Instead of buying pre-rolls, if you want to make your own, here are some steps:

  • Take the tube
  • Fill it up with weed so that the paper should have ½” left at the opening
  • Massage the paper gently to set the cannabis inside compactly
  • Wrap the opening and close it by twisting the left paper
  • Use your finger and thumb clockwise to twist
  • Seal the pre-roll 

For lighting, use the twisted tip.

2- Check The Pre-rolls:

Pre-rolls come in custom pre-roll boxes that get pressed in long-way shipments. So, you may have difficulty trying to take them out. So, when you get your pre-roll, massage it gently to fix all the strains with your fingers. In this, the cannabis will be mixed and get loose to light up properly.

Also, examine them to check if there is any whole or ripped paper. If you find any, you need to get a different pre-roll and massage it the same way.

3- Light It Up:

Take your lighter and start the process like a normal cigarette, especially in pre-roll joints. But the focal point is the tip of the pre-roll. It would help to burn the tip evenly and calmly to get the perfect burnt end.

4- No Inhaling While Lighting Up:

Try not to inhale the smoke while burning the tip. The initial smoke is the key to finding the evenly burning tip of the pre-rolls – the most preferred Smoking etiquette for pre-rolls. It will distinguish your smoking style from other ordinary cigarettes or cigars and provide you with the more enjoyable parts.

5- Rotate The Pre-Roll:

While smoking the joint, rotate it wisely. This way, you will get an even burnt roll and avoid the direct contact of flame with the joint. If you burn it from one direction, the joint will get burnt more from that part – leaving the roll de-shaped. Doing such will get you a perfectly burnt roll for smoking.

6- Take Small Puffs:

After lighting up adequately, try to puff the pre-roll calmly and slowly – the better way of enhancing the pre-roll smoking experience. Use it sedately; more smoke can irritate your throat and make you cough, resulting in discouraging your smoking experience. If you are a beginner, it is an essential feature to know. So, take your time and enjoy every flavor while exhaling. So, enjoy your every PUFF!

How Long Can You Secure Your Pre-Roll?

How Long Can You Secure Your Pre Roll 1

Techniques For Smoking Pre-Rolled Cannabis also include securing methods.

1- If you have not finished the joint and want to store it, put it in a cool place with no sunlight. These pre-rolls can last from six months to one year. But, with time, the cannabis loses its aroma and its effect.

2- The other way is putting them in airtight pre-roll boxes or the original tube. These jars will keep the refreshing fragrance and freshness inside.

Pre-Roll Smoking Dos And Don’ts

Prefer to buy high-quality pre-rollsDo not overpack the rolls; leave the space for twisting
Use the correct ways and tools to wrap your cannabis Never go with wet cannabis
Try to explore more floral flavors.Extended storing will lose their aroma and freshness
Try to use pre-rolls immediatelyDo not burn the tip only from one side


Compiling all the statements, you have the solution of smoking pre-rolls accurately and decently. Moreover, you can now preserve your rolls for a more extended period by adapting the tips mentioned in our blog. So, it’s time to make or buy your pre-rolls and enjoy them most fascinatingly. Your every puff will be smooth, calm, and progressive to initiate the next one. So, get your pre-rolls and enjoy the MOMENT!

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