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CBD Rigid Boxes

There is an increasing trend in the market for rigid packaging in recent years. The CBD Packaging Store is the leading packaging company when it comes to rigid packaging specifically. We are offering the widest range of options when it comes to rigid box styles. You can select from a variety of stock options and a range of additional printing options to make your rigid bulk boxes even more professional.

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    CBD is short for cannabidiol. It is a natural, organic compound obtained from the popular marijuana plant. This plant belongs to the cannabis group and is known for a number of positive effects it has on human health. Although the use of marijuana plant’s oil for its CBD rich content is not new, the ongoing medical research has verified the claims being made for ages about its benefits.

    A recent study has revealed that CBD can have immensely positive impacts on our immune system, brain functioning, skin, and hair. It is popular as a relaxant and it cures inflammation. CBD is even used for treating the backache and the pain resulting from arthritis. It strengthens the heart, improves its functioning, and prevents Alzheimer’s. Moreover, it is a natural cure against muscular and joint pain. It is being used in medicines, cosmetics, shampoos, creams in the dibbles, CBD vape juices, and lozenges.

    Reasons to Prefer Us over any other Packaging Store

    If you want to conquer the market with your CBD product, keep in mind that you cannot do it without a handsome looking, durable, and protective packaging. At CBD Packaging Store we are very well aware of the importance of durability along with style. With us, you get a huge range of options whether it is the box style or printing options. Specially, we have got a great reputation when it comes to rigid boxes. This is how we ensure that you create an image as durable as our rigid boxes;

    • Why Chose the CBD Rigid Boxes

    The recent trends in the market have seen an increasing demand for rigid bulk boxes. There are several reasons for the popularity of rigid boxes. E.g.

    1. They offer great durability which is best for long transits. A huge volume of today’s trade is carried out through home deliveries and this means your product will have to cover the substantial distance before it reaches the customers. Transits can be not only long but also rough ones. So, the rigid boxes are the most suitable option because they provide the durability needed for long transits and rough handling.
    2. Besides, durability, the other important function of any packaging is to give an alluring presentation to the product. The rigid boxes are known for their professional look and hence they serve this purpose very well. They give your product the solid image you are looking for. Even so much attention is paid to the packaging, it shows how much attention is actually paid to the quality of the product inside.
    3. Rigid boxes give the product a premium look which shows you have gone a bit farther in spending on the product.
    4. When it comes to box style, the options available in rigid packaging are far wider than any other type of packaging. Rigid boxes literally come in an innumerable variety of styles.
    • What our Catalogue has to Offer for Rigid Boxes?

    When it comes to the rigid boxes, no one else is offering as many options as we do at CBD Packaging Store. Rigid boxes give your product a professional look and extra durability. It is because of an increasing trend of rigid boxes that we are offering as many as 18 options in this particular type of packaging alone.

    There are endless styles of boxes in a rigid category and you can select the one which matches your product’s specifications and your particular taste. Whether you prefer slipcase rigid boxes, two-piece rigid boxes, round rigid boxes, single color rigid boxes, presentation boxes, hexagon rigid boxes, or custom shape rigid boxes, we have got you covered with the most durable, stylish, and unique options.

    • Give your Rigid Boxes a Taste of your Own

    Not only can you select from a considerably wide range of rigid box styles in our catalog, but you can also even come with a style of your own. Our designing experts will work in close collaboration with the client to make sure the final product reflects customer satisfaction to the highest level. Moreover, you can give your rigid box an ultra-premium look through our additional printing options.

    You can go for an embossed logo or select debossing, spot UV, hot stamping, or laser cutting. The options are endless and our dedicated representatives are always there to guide in case you get startled by the variety we are offering. They will help you with every aspect whether it is a stock option, printing, or selecting the box style from the huge catalog.

    At CBD Packaging Store, we offer complete solutions to develop a strong business relationship through intelligently-designed custom CBD packaging boxes with free customization and shipping globally.

    5 reviews for CBD Rigid Boxes

    1. David Lewis

      Mark was so professional and suggested a number of changes that later turned out great. We would definitely be ordering from this company and recommending them to others.

    2. Mike Walters

      What an amazing packaging I got, smooth texture and fine print on the Paper and The Boxes are fun to look at.

    3. Fernley Pine

      I received my order earlier than anticipated and the final product was of good quality and so beautiful!

    4. Hilary Hendy

      Great packaging and Best designs! I am impressed by what I received at the end.

    5. Laura Price

      It has never been any issue while dealing with them and we would highly recommend them for all your box packaging.

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    we offer a minimum order quantity of as low as 100 CBD Rigid Boxes to all our valuable customers. On the other hand, we offer exclusive discounts to those customers who order packaging solutions in bulk. It means they can get exclusive rates when ordering wholesale packaging solutions.

    Mainly, it depends on your material selection, design options, add-ons, and finishing. Overall, eco-friendly packaging materials are the most affordable, so you can choose this material to keep your packaging budget under control.

    You can use CBD Rigid Boxes for all those products that need protection and style when customers find them. However, the best products are food, cosmetics, apparel, medicines, CBD, bakery, and many others.
    We offer a wide range of styles of CBD Rigid Boxes to our customers. To explore these designs, you can request a catalog. Moreover, you can also share your thoughts in the form of design samples to produce a similar design with customization.

    It is up to your request. You can choose any of the coating options we have. However, in some cases, some specific coatings work. Our customer support team will guide you about your coating selection when finalizing your order.

    Yes, we have our own warehouse where we can keep your orders of CBD Rigid Boxes for a long to get them when required. It helps you get your order of specifically-designed packaging when required, and you do not need to order the same product repeatedly.


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    We provide customized packaging solutions to Small, Medium and Corporate businesses. Choose from the predefined styles and materials such as Kraft, cardboard or corrugated. Finishing options like Lamination, Spot UV, Foil Stamping, Embossing and Debossing are also available.