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Pre Roll Display Boxes

The manufacturers use numerous marketing and branding techniques to ensure their products stand out in stores and markets. However, one of the best options is placing your products at the payment counters or nearest them. We help you display your products in beautifully-designed display boxes to achieve this target. The same is valid for cannabis pre-rolls and joints. Now, you can order pre roll display boxes from CBD Packaging Store in various shapes and sizes with free design support and customization. This way, your products remain in front of potential customers when they enter or leave the store, boosting your branding efforts.

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    Publicize Your Cannabis Pre-rolls with More Appealing Pre Roll Display Boxes

    Marijuana and cannabis pre-rolls attract everyone, as we have all found these products on store shelves for years. However, these products are sold less because potential customers do not know where these products are displayed. If they had not used pre-rolls before and not visited a particular section during their visit, they would never find these joints. Therefore, we recommend you use custom pre roll display boxes. These boxes display your marijuana cigarettes in those areas where all customers go to explore products or pay for their purchased products.

    Display boxes are used when you or your products are new and you want to grab their attention. CBD Packaging Store also recommends these boxes when potential customers are in the market but cannot remember they need these products. Sometimes, you may need these boxes to boost your brand and increase revenues. The same is valid for pre-rolls. It is because you can use display boxes for pre rolls to achieve all these targets simultaneously.

    What Makes a Pre Roll Display Box Unique?

    Many factors are involved in marketing and branding, and packaging is one of them. We can implement the same phenomenon on custom pre roll display boxes. The reason is that you should implement various strategies to make these boxes unique and stylish. Let us explore these strategies separately!

    Material Selection

    First, we must understand that material selection is the first and foremost task to improve our reputation as a brand. If you choose the best material, your products will grab customers’ attention more aggressively. We at CBD Packaging Store help you decide how to get display packaging with a branded look. Moreover, you can control the packaging budget with the help of material selection.

    Biodegradable and sustainable packaging materials are more famous globally because customers love buying only products packed in eco-friendly packaging solutions. It has encouraged many CBD product manufacturers to use eco-friendly materials for their pre roll packaging. We help you in choosing these materials if you are interested in them. Moreover, these materials are cost-efficient. You can get these display boxes for pre rolls at the most affordable rates.

    Design Support and Customization

    Another essential aspect you cannot ignore as a manufacturer is the designing and customizing pre roll display boxes. CBD Packaging Store has a team of professionals and experts. They can create the most aesthetic designs to brand your products. You can choose any of these boxes through our catalog, share a design you love the most to convert it into your required shape, size, and style, or request to create a new design for your brand. More interestingly, this design support and customization are free for all. However, this condition is valid for those who will order from us to produce custom packaging boxes for their products.

    Printing, Finishing, and Add-Ons

    The next step is to print a pre roll display box stylishly with the brand name, logo, and other information. It means you can grab your customers’ attention more aggressively with the printing options we offer to all our customers. This printing tells everything about your brand, product, and company. So, using the best printing options is our ultimate aim to develop your brand reputation effectively.

    We also offer finishing options and add-ons to enhance your presence on store shelves and displays. For example, you can improve the look of your brand name, logo, and other details with embossing, debossing, spot UV lamination, gold and silver foiling, matte and shiny finishing, and many other options. You can also add ribbons, buttons, die-cuts, windows, or anything else to improve your brand reputation and increase sales.

    Why CBD Packaging Store?

    CBD product manufacturers always need help finding the packaging firm to address their needs. Importantly, it is one of the most challenging tasks for CBD product manufacturers because many packaging firms need to offer packaging solutions to them. CBD Packaging Store has resolved this issue because we provide complete packaging solutions to all our valued customers who need boxes and bags for their cannabis products.

    Our free design support, customization, and shipping help you control your budget and get custom pre roll boxes wholesale at the most affordable rates. Moreover, our turnaround time remains below 12 business days, which means you get all your orders at your doorstep when you expect.

    CBD Packaging Store offers packaging solutions to startups, small businesses, medium enterprises, or corporations. For example, we provide a minimum order quantity of as low as 100 custom pre roll display boxes to help startups and small businesses become a brand in tough competition. On the other hand, we offer exclusive discounts to all those companies who give us wholesale orders or need display boxes for pre rolls in bulk.

    So, if you are interested, fill Get Instant Quote form and get an instant response. Call us now to resolve your concerns and queries regarding pre roll display boxes!

    At CBD Packaging Store, we offer complete solutions to develop a strong business relationship through intelligently-designed custom CBD packaging boxes with free customization and shipping globally.


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    we offer a minimum order quantity of as low as 100 Pre Roll Display Boxes to all our valuable customers. On the other hand, we offer exclusive discounts to those customers who order packaging solutions in bulk. It means they can get exclusive rates when ordering wholesale packaging solutions.

    Mainly, it depends on your material selection, design options, add-ons, and finishing. Overall, eco-friendly packaging materials are the most affordable, so you can choose this material to keep your packaging budget under control.

    You can use Pre Roll Display Boxes for all those products that need protection and style when customers find them. However, the best products are food, cosmetics, apparel, medicines, CBD, bakery, and many others.
    We offer a wide range of styles of Pre Roll Display Boxes to our customers. To explore these designs, you can request a catalog. Moreover, you can also share your thoughts in the form of design samples to produce a similar design with customization.

    It is up to your request. You can choose any of the coating options we have. However, in some cases, some specific coatings work. Our customer support team will guide you about your coating selection when finalizing your order.

    Yes, we have our own warehouse where we can keep your orders of Pre Roll Display Boxes for a long to get them when required. It helps you get your order of specifically-designed packaging when required, and you do not need to order the same product repeatedly.


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    We provide customized packaging solutions to Small, Medium and Corporate businesses. Choose from the predefined styles and materials such as Kraft, cardboard or corrugated. Finishing options like Lamination, Spot UV, Foil Stamping, Embossing and Debossing are also available.