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Vape Tricks

5 Easy Vape Tricks Guide for All Levels of 2022

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Vaping is comparatively healthier than smoking, and it has a lot of other benefits. And when you think back to why you started vaping, it can be linked back to getting over your smoking habit or calming your raging nerves. But there are more than one reasons why you should be vaping. And one of them can be it allows showing off and being cool. Vape tricks may seem easy from a distance, but they require effort and consistency. Before you start performing tricks, you need to understand a few things. Let’s dive in and tell you how you can perform your vaping tricks.

5 Best Tips to Learn Vaping Tricks

Besides knowing how to perform vaping tricks, you need an excellent vape to help you learn your vaping trick faster. There are a few things that you need to remember before you choose the best vape for you:

  • Production Of Smoke: To support all of the vape tricks, there must be sufficient cloud creation. And because a low-ohm flower vaporizer can aid in producing more giant clouds, most users will prefer sub-ohm vape box mods. At the same time, increased wattage is frequently implied by low coil resistance.
  • Usability: You should choose a vape that makes it easy to perform vape tricks. So when you look for a vape when you perform a trick, you need to buy a simple vape to perform a trick. Choose a sub-ohm vape mouthpiece as it gives you an easy term of use. 

Buy Premium Quality Vape Liquids

There are a whole lot of vape liquids out there, so when you choose a suitable vape liquid, you need to focus on a few things: 

  • Know the terminology: Vape juice, vape liquid, e-juice, and mod juice are just a few of the various names for e-liquid. You should know what is included in your vape liquid; it may contain propylene glycol or flavors. 
  • Nicotine Strength:  If you’re trying to go from traditional smoking to vaping, pick the right nicotine strength. The more cigarettes a consumer smokes or consumes, the more nicotine they generally like in their e-liquid.

Practice Your Inhaling Technology

Before doing a vape tricks, it is essential to keep this one in mind. Practice inhaling the vapors by holding them in your lungs and exhaling them through your mouth. It will help if you breathe comfortably through your nose and mouth while keeping your lips clenched. Now that you have mastered the most basic technique, you can use advanced techniques. 

Start Simple

If you are a beginner in this vaping world, don’t rush things, it will bring no good for you. It would be best if you had more than blowing smoke out. You should start simple you can practice the below vape tricks: 

  • Dragon: While some people find it immensely impossible, the ” Dragon ” trick is the easiest in the book. It would be best if you clenched your lips tightly to leave tiny spaces to blow out air. It would help if you simultaneously pushed the vapor out of your mouth and nostrils with force to do this.
  • O-Rings: The smoke ring is one rewarding classic that is simple to perfect. When inhaling, keep your tongue flat and your lips in an o shape as you slowly push the vapor through your mouth.
  • Liquid Mist: This one may be simple to do, but it gives one of the best finishes. All you require is a glass, preferably one that is half-full of cold drink. Inhale, place your lips on the rim of the glass, and slowly exhale into it. If you move gently, the vapor will remain on top of the liquid when you set the glass back down.
  • Waterfall Trick: This trick imitates the flow of water. A simple vaping method called “The Waterfall” takes a drag on your mod and then blows vapor out the side of your mouthpiece. Any mod or atomizer will work for this vape tricks, but a high-power mod is recommended.

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Sharing May Not Be Caring In This Case

This one is an essential smart tip: if you are performing at a party, you risk using the same vape for a group of people. It’s not unusual to see a single vape pen exchanged among numerous users when several people are engaged in performing feats. But that’s a massive no-no in this day and age. Never let anyone else use your vaporizer. It’s a straightforward guideline that you should go by to avoid getting sick or transmitting dangerous pathogens.


There are other ways to enjoy the vaping process, like choosing a flavor you prefer and cleaning your device regularly. Performing vape tricks may help you appear cooler in front of a crowd. But you need to follow a few things before you start performing these tricks. 

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