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ordering weed delivery

Essential Things To Know About Ordering Weed Delivery

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Delivery service availability is arguably the most significant milestone in the cannabis industry in the last few years. Although ordering weed delivery services are a welcome development, most consumers remain inundated with the service, some wondering whether it works.

Weed delivery is the latest addition to the many comforts of modern living and is here to stay, meaning you can safely delete your “weed guy’s” number. Therefore, learning how to navigate the flourishing weed delivery industry will add unparalleled convenience to your weed shopping. So, below are some pointers on ordering weed via weed delivery services.

Ensure The Weed Delivery Is Legal In Your Jurisdiction

The numerous cannabis delivery apps popping up and online ads for weed delivery services create the impression that the service is legal in all jurisdictions. However, the contrary is true since the service is only legal in 12 US states out of the 37 states where recreational cannabis use is legal. Also, in Canada, some provincial authorities only allow government-run cannabis stores to offer delivery services.

Moreover, legal weed delivery services must adhere to industry regulations within their jurisdiction. For example, the age limit to get weed delivery Halifax and other delivery services to serve you in Nova Scotia, Canada, is 19 years. On the other hand, 18 years old’s residing in Quebec and Alberta can use weed delivery services.

Also, some jurisdictions allow for weed delivery across state lines, while others prohibit the same. Cannabis may be legal but participating, willingly or from ignorance, in flaunting government-imposed regulations will land you in legal trouble. Therefore, research whether weed delivery is legal in your area code, and establish other industry regulations that you need to observe while ordering weed delivery online.

ordering weed delivery

Shortlist Prospective Weed Delivery Services And Conduct Due Diligence on Each One

The weed delivery service industry is still at its inception stage, and although it is growing fast, it is yet to establish itself as an automated industry. Consequently, the loopholes created by non-standardized service delivery create room for unscrupulous parties to take advantage of unsuspecting consumers.

Therefore, conduct due diligence on any online ordering weed delivery services and apps before paying for them. First, ensure that the service provider has a legal weed dispensary operating license. Licensed service providers comply with government regulations implemented to protect consumers from harmful products.

A Guide to become CBD oil Distributor in California

For instance, California state cannabis regulatory laws dictate that all cannabis products undergo mandatory testing for at least 100 contaminants, including 66 pesticides, in a state-licensed laboratory.
Besides quality and safety tests, such directives also guide cannabis product package labeling to ensure you consume accurate cannabinoid doses.

Also, the wed delivery services have to install proper storage facilities that preserve cannabis products’ shelf lives. Adhering to such stringent regulations requires production capital that illicit weed delivery services are unwilling to bear. Consequently, such weed delivery services sell untested weed containing contaminants, like pesticides, herbicides, and heavy metals, which are detrimental to your health.

Therefore, licensed weed delivery services will guarantee high-quality products, commendable customer service, and preserve your health. Most jurisdictions across North America where recreational cannabis delivery services operate legally have directories for licensed weed delivery services, so you can use such resources to establish legitimacy.

Scout For Unbeatable Prices and Deals

Cannabis product prices vary dramatically between different weed dispensaries, delivery services, and jurisdictions, even in Canada, where provincial government-run dispensaries set the prices. Therefore, scouring the internet looking for the most affordable weed delivery services often pays.

However, cheap can be expensive when low prices fool you into spending hard-earned cash on “brick weed.” Therefore, if the deal looks too good to be true, it is. Besides prices, you can also turn on notifications from reputable weed delivery services serving your area to take advantage of bulk-pricing deals, discounts, free delivery, and flash sales. Alternatively, you can follow their social media pages or use price-tracking apps to find the best weed delivery deals.

ordering weed delivery

Establish Delivery Schedules

Weed delivery is in its inception stages, meaning the weed delivery speed is nowhere near pizza delivery speeds. Most delivery services providers offer different weed delivery services, including same-day delivery, next-day delivery, and express delivery.

Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted all doorstep delivery services, making it impossible for weed delivery platforms to offer 24-hour delivery services. As a result, you have a limited time window each day to make your order and qualify for same-day delivery.

Therefore, determine the delivery services that the weed delivery platforms on your shortlist offer and their delivery schedules beforehand. Read customer reviews to establish each brand’s track record of fulfilling timely deliveries.

Establish Payment Methods

Different weed delivery services utilize other payment methods, so besides the above considerations, consider a delivery service with a convenient payment method for you. Also, ensure that you have funds in the selected payment channel. You can decide whether to pay for the weed during checkout or delivery.

If you choose to pay on delivery, ensure you have a functioning credit card, debit card, or a cash amount equal to your transaction. Also, regulatory requirements dictate that weed delivery people cannot leave a package unattended at your doorstep.

However, most weed delivery services have tracking systems that alert you when the vendor processes your order and helps you keep track of your order while in transit. Therefore, plan to be at your doorstep to receive your cannabis goodies.

ordering weed delivery


Ordering weed delivery services are the future of the cannabis industry, giving consumers reasonable access to cannabis goodies. This simple guide should help you get value for your money each time you order weed via weed delivery services.

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