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cbd business in texas

How to Start CBD Business in Texas

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Since the USA opened its doors to hemp derived CBD through the Farm Bill, we have seen a continuous surge in the CBD business countrywide. With the masses becoming more and more curious about the potential benefits offered by this wonder compound, more and more states have been joining the CBD tribe by legalizing the cannabis business.

One such state where the CBD business seems very promising is the Lone Star State i.e. the state of Texas. It is among those states of the USA where the CBD business has been booming since hemp was legalized. The state of Texas legalized the hemp derived CBD with 0.3% or lower concentrations of THC. A bill was passed in the year 2019 called the House Bill 1325 by Governor Greg Abbott.

It has proved to be one of the most important milestones related to the booming CBD industry in Texas. Since then, CBD in Texas hasn’t seen a decline. It is on a rise, alluring a number of cannabis companies to embark upon a rewarding venture.

If you too are amazed by the way cannabis is setting its feet in the Lone Star State and are planning to get started with a CBD venture, here is your complete guide on how to start CBD business in Texas. However, before you take a flight, keep in mind that almost the entire CBD industry at the moment is operating based on some initial, and ‘inconclusive’ scientific research.

There is still a lot of room for more research on the efficacy of CBD for a number of health conditions. The only condition for which its efficacy has been proved is a rare form of epilepsy. Epidiolex is the only CBD based drug that at the moment is approved by FDA and is used to treat epilepsy.

All the other assumptions about the health benefit of CBD are just assumptions. These are based on users’ personal experiences. More research is being rigorously carried out to find out more about the benefits of this compound.

How to Start CBD Business in Texas?

Although throughout the US, the CBD business is not as fully regulated and supervised as it needs to be, there are still some formalities that need to be taken care of before you can become a CBD seller. In Texas, there are a set of regulations and requirements that you need to fulfill before becoming a state-approved seller in the CBD niche. You need to be registered with the relevant authorities for selling CBD in Texas.

cbd business in texas

Whether you want to grow the legal hemp plant for commercial extraction of CBD, or you want to sell CBD products within the state, you need to have a license to sell CBD in Texas. Besides, you need to be a registered hemp grower if you want to sell it for commercial purposes.

Let us have a look at the step-by-step guide on how to start CBD business in Texas.

How to Become a Registered Hemp Grower in Texas?

If you plan to grow hemp in Texas to supply to the CBD oil sellers, the authority in control of the matters related to hemp growth is the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA). They grant the permits to the interested candidates for growing hemp in Texas. You need to meet certain requirements before becoming a registered hemp grower.

Whether you want to grow hemp for the extraction of hemp oil, CBD oil, edible parts of the hemp plant, or other legal hemp plant products, you need to get yourself registered with TDA. To get started with the registration process, you first need to thoroughly go through the instructions by the Texas Department of Agriculture for hemp growers. You can access these instructions here.

Once you’ve gone through the rule and statutes laid down by TDA, you can start the registration process through their website. Visit this link to start right away.

How to Start CBD Business in Texas as a CBD Products Seller

If you want to go a step ahead from the hemp growers and wish to start your business as a CBD seller, the prospects in the state of Texas are very bright. You can hope to pocket a handsome amount by selling CBD products ranging from a CBS soap to CBD cereals, CBD coffees, gummies, CBD oil, and a lot more.

However, when it comes to becoming a seller of CBD business in Texas is offering two types of permits. The department in control of these matters is DSHS i.e. the Department of State Health Services.

DSHS is granting two types of licenses to applicants interested in selling CBD products. these are;

  1. The Retail Hemp Registration
  2. The Consumable Hemp Products License

Let us have a look at the details of both these licenses.

The Retail Hemp Registration

This is a comparatively more basic type of registration as compared to the Consumable Hemp Products Registration. The Retail Hemp Registration is meant for those who intend to sell CBD products without a brand name. They want to be the basic sellers of CBD products and do not want to invest in a specific brand packaging or a company name.

Is CBD Legal in Texas

CBD Packaging Store

For this license, you first need to go through the instructions so that you may know what are the eligibility criteria and other requirements. After that, you can start an online application from your home. The step-by-step instructions and the application form are all available on the official website of DSHS.

The Consumable Hemp Products License

If you are planning to take a deeper plunge into the CBD business, you may consider getting the Consumable Hemp Products License. It is for those going all out into the CBD business in texas and starting a brand of their own.

cbd business texas

The holders of this license can sell under a company name. They can have a specific brand packaging of their own that can carry their logo and company name.

To get more detailed information on what you need to qualify for this license, visit the website of DSHS. You have to pay a set fee for getting registered as a hemp products seller. Besides, you need to renew your license after a year.

The Follow Up for the License Holders

Once the DSHS has granted the permits to the applicants, the department does not leave the CBD businesses totally unattended. Rather, follow-ups are conducted from time to time.

These follow-ups ensure that the sellers are not selling the CBD products with illegal contents or higher proportions of THC. Besides, they ensure that there aren’t considerable amounts of heavy metals, pathogens, and harmful chemicals in the products.


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