What are the legal CBD Packaging Requirements in Indiana USA?

According to specific law and regulations in Indiana, the following legal requirements should be observed:

  1. A scanable bar code or QR code must be available that will take the user to specific documents on which all the information regarding low THC hemp extract, provided by the manufacturer, in which
    1. Batch number
    2. Product name
    3. Batch date
    4. Expiration date (Less than two years from the manufacturing date)
    5. Batch size
    6. Total quantity that has been produced by the manufacturer
    7. Used Ingredients with all the following details:
      1. Ingredient name
      2. Company Name
      3. Ingredient Lot Number
      4. A certification that has been given for analyzing the low THC hemp extrac
  2. The batch number.
  3. The website link
  4. The expiry date
  5. Quantity of low THC hemp extract
  6. The name of the manufacturer