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Disposable vs Rechargeable Vape Pen

Disposable vs Rechargeable Vape Pen: Which is Better?

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When you first start your vaping journey, you might be stuck in a dilemma, thinking about which vape is more suitable, what type of vaping liquid you should use, how many flavors are available, etc. There are many options that vary from simple usage of vaporizers to ones that are a little more advanced and listed with various features. Added to these, beginners can also be intimidated by the numerous complex terms thrown at them once they enter the sphere of different types of vaporizers. Well, there is no reason to worry, as we have got you covered. This article helps you decide which one is better disposable vs rechargeable vape pen. Moreover, you can also check out the top five recommendations for beginners. 

Disposable vs Rechargeable Vape Pen Which is Right for Beginners?

Here are you can learn the disposable vs rechargeable vape pen. You can choose disposable vapes if you are a beginner and don’t know how to adjust styles, or also don’t have time to maintain your vape pen. But if you are not in for spending too much and buying too frequently and want to enjoy a variety of choices to choose from, then you can pick a rechargeable vape pen.

Disposable Vs Rechargeable Vape Pen

Type Pros Cons It Works in
Disposable vape Pen
  • Easy-to-use
  • Require no Maintenance
  • Cost-Efficient
  • Battery is only for one-time use
  • A limited number of flavors
Emergency and One-Time
Rechargeable Vape Pen
  • Various Options
  • Long-Lasting
  • Strong Battery
  • Maintenance is very Expensive
all users

Disposable Vs Rechargeable Vape Pen – Pros & Cons You Must Know

Pros Of Disposable Vape Pens

  • Usability: The ease with which you can use something can be essential to your decision to continue using that thing. Disposable vapes are easy to use when compared to their counterpart rechargeable vapes. This factor makes them the best option for beginners. People can quickly get used to smoking, but vaping can be a bit hard to be used to. This can also be a factor when deciding between switching to vaping. 
  • Doesn’t Need to be Charged: You don’t need to put these vapes for charging as they come with a pre-installed battery that is already charged. Thus there are no cables pre-installed inside these vape pens because users don’t need to charge them; they can use it and discard as per their choice. 
  • Maintenance isn’t Required: When we say that these vapes are easy to use, it clears the fact that no maintenance is required for using these vapes. Everything comes pre-fitted and pre-filled. 
  • Commitment: If you are someone who likes to keep changing things and have a taste that changes every week then these vapes can be the best option for you. You can switch to some other flavor after using up the first vape. 

Cons of Disposable Vape Pens

  • If you want to vape forever then these disposable vapes are just the thing for you. 
  • These vapes have a limit to everything. You don’t get a variety of flavors, looks, and liquid strength. 
  • These vapes don’t have an alternative to change the way the air flows or alter the coils. 
  • It is not at all eco-friendly if you love nature. These vapes can’t be reused so you have to buy a new one every time your first one finishes.

Pros Of Rechargeable Vape Pens

  • Quality: When you purchase anything, what’s the very first thing that you notice, probably the quality of that thing? Rechargeable vape pens are created such that they can be used for a longer period. Customize your vaping experience with a 510 thread battery that’s user-friendly and easily rechargeable. It comes with a lifetime warranty on vape pens that promise functionality and premium quality for years to come. 
  • Cost Effective & Durable: The moment you start vaping, you would save approximately $3695 a year. There can be little costs here and there which can comprise the e-liquids. But when you compare it to disposables there is no comparison. 
  • Experience a Better High: With a rechargeable vape pen, you get to try new things, so you can tailor your vaping experiences. You can adjust the airflow, pick a new vape coil, change the e-liquid and also alter the settings on your vape. Moreover, you can learn vape tricks to enjoy and develop reputation in front of your friends.
  • Get Variety + Eco-friendly: You don’t have to use the same vape flavor all your life, you can alter between the loads of choices that are there in the market and choose your best one. And while you choose your choice of rechargeable vapes, do remember that they are comparatively more eco-friendly than the disposal ones, because you can use them for many days. 

Cons Of Rechargeable Vapes

  • There is maintenance required, you need to fill e-liquid and charge the batteries. 
  • You have to buy an e-cig kit that has e-liquid and the cost is much higher than that of disposable vapes. 

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Top 5 Vape Brand Recommendations for Beginners

  1. Sirius

The Sirius 2200 line of disposable vape pens are excellent. Each flavor, which comes in more than 20 varieties, has a generous 10ml of vape juice. To help you go through all that juice, it contains a 1500mAh battery that, as the name says, can produce 2200 hits. The Sirius boasts some of the best fruit flavors available with 50mg of salt nic vape juice.

  1. Firefly 2+

Here comes a portable convection vape pen, not only one of the best portable vaporizers for flower (dry herb) consumption, but it also excels at producing tasty concentrate rips. The flavor is excellent, and the cleanup is simple.

The fast heat-up time of the device is another compelling argument in its favor. When ready, you can take a full draw in 20 seconds from a cold start and store the pack for another time. You can take and stop a hit faster with this vape than any other on the market.

  1. Arizer Solo 2

The sequel to the wildly successful Solo is the Arizer Solo 2. Arizer is a well-known brand because they produce excellent dry herb vaporizers that function well and are reasonably priced.

The Solo 2’s amazing battery life is the major factor keeping it in second place. It can run continuously for three hours when completely charged before needing to be recharged. This portable vaporizer likely has the longest battery life of any that you can find on the market.

  1. DynaVap VapCap M

One of the best vaporizing experiences currently available, in our opinion, is the DynaVap VapCap M when combined with an induction heater. The Apollo Rover 2 induction heater from DynaVap now comes with built-in batteries, which is a game-changer. We believe they are worthwhile even if they are significantly more expensive than the VapCap M itself.

Consistency is one of the primary reasons, in our opinion, that an induction warmer is superior to a jet lighter. It’s simple: just insert your VapCap into the heater and wait till you hear a click before using it to vape dry weed. Your experience can be continued by simply pressing the VapCap down once again.

  1. Arizer Extreme Q

Due to the necessity to be connected to electricity, desktop vaporizers like the Arizer Extreme Q differ from their portable equivalents. However, this means that battery life is no longer a concern, and the heater will receive a stronger power source.

The convection technique of the Extreme Q will heat your dry herb by using the heated air from the device to extract THC from the glass bowl. Users fill a glass “cyclone” bowl with roughly 0.4g of dried herb in a special bowl shape and place it on top of the heating element, which slowly heats up and starts pumping vapor out to either a silicone whip or fillable balloons.


This article helps beginners understand disposable vs rechargeable vape pen and the finest dry herb vaporizers for beginners by explaining how each one functions and varies. There is a vaporizer on our list that will get you started on your dry herb vaping journey, regardless of whether you are interested in an easy-to-use screen or a torch-lit one-hitter session that melts your face off.

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