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Discreet Shipping

Discreet Shipping Solutions – Secure Your Packages

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Discreet shipping is the most preferred way of product delivery in Retail and e-commerce industries. These shipping methods are very secretive, provide end-to-end protection to the commodities, and assure that nobody will come to know what is being delivered in the box. The foremost advantage of these Private shipping services is the satisfaction of the buyer. Yeah! Let’s suppose somebody orders a luxurious and expensive item and is afraid of being stolen during transportation. So, these boxes remove the information and make the shipment unidentified to give a satisfactory breath to the buyer as well as the sender. Get more information about discreet packaging and how it is beneficial in secure delivery:

Recommended Material in Discreet Shipping

In traditionally restrained shipments, the products or packages are packed in custom boxes that give a duty of protection and security to those items. The most recommended and preferred materials by companies are:

  • Brown Cardboard boxes
  • White Cardboard boxes
  • Single colored papers
  • Unidentified labels 
  • Thin Corrugated boxes for fragile items
  • Unmarked postal boxes
  • Flat-rate boxes 

Possible Solutions Include:

The recommended solutions are the following:

1- Using Alternative Name:

Some companies use other business names to ship their consignments and conceal them with binding stuff so no one can open them. For example, 

  • If you have a side company that is not very famous and a little difficult to locate on Google, you can use its name. 
  • Additionally, alternative names like you choose digital words like 4AL as an identificational name but you and your buyer will know about it – keeping it hidden from others, you can have a secured and direct delivery to your customer. 

If somebody opens the box, these torn tapes will be an alarming sign. Therefore, Concealed packaging alternatives will surely be the best way of protecting your products from harm and stealing. 

2- Keep It Unapparent:

The packaging should be casual and unapparent to skip the sight of the viewers. If you make the box hidden plain, viewers can think why those boxes are so plain. Therefore, keeping everything straight and discreet, industries are more partial to using Confidential delivery methods that are much cheaper and give a solid private function to their selling equipment. 

3- Imitate Other Standard Packages:

Wholesale packaging is a big platform that surrounds retailers and e-commerce companies. The growth is vibrant and exclusive in these industries making them use these boxes and packages on a large scale. Using other standard packages, boxes, tape colors, sizes, dimensions, and logos can emerge your boxes and give direct transportation to the buyer.  Like, If you are selling Vapes, cigarettes, pharma, or Cannabis products, you need to hide your identity, you can simply use other cigarette boxes that are not common among people to keep your brand unidentified.

4- Authorized Receiver’s Signatures:

Checking and automating the signature receiver’s signature who should be an adult (above 18 years) is a good idea! But the question is wouldn’t it disclose the identity of the company and buyer? Preferable NOT! Because, when the customer places an order, he gives the information about the address and personnel but the information on the package can be reduced by choosing custom options. Covert delivery strategies will lessen the details to the least, sizes of the boxes, and designs of the boxes as well. The confirmation will be directed through emails and company policies. 


Discreet shipping solutions are the key to lock the doors to securing your secure packages and products. All four methods hit the walls to give you the right ways of shipping your loads safe and locked – top-tier to keep them protected from stealing. 

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