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CBD and Weight Loss

CBD for Weight Loss: The Definitive Guide

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CBD for Weight Loss: Is It Really Effective?

CBD or cannabidiol is a natural compound found in cannabis plants. It is one of the hundreds of cannabinoid compounds naturally found in cannabis plants.

However, unlike many other cannabidiols, e.g. THC, cannabidiol is non-psychoactive. I.e. CBD does not get you high. It is not intoxicating and doesn’t give you a stoned feeling. If you want to know more about CBD and how it affects your health, you can find more detailed information here.

However, the source from which CBD is extracted matters a lot. CBD can be extracted from two popular plants belonging to the cannabis genre. It can either be obtained from the marijuana plant or from hemp. Where CBD on its own, devoid of other cannabinoids does not get you high, when you are using full-spectrum CBD products derived from marijuana, it does contain other psychoactive cannabinoids as well. However, hemp does not contain considerable amounts of intoxicating THC compounds. If you want a more detailed account of the difference between hemp-derived CBD and marijuana-derived CBD, click here.

Can CBD Help You Reduce Weight?

CBD is being looked upon as a wonder compound of the day capable of benefitting the body in hundreds of ways. Whether it is managing anxiety, treating chronic pain and inflammation, rejuvenating the immune system, fighting Alzheimer’s, protecting and healing cardiovascular tissue, or strengthening the nervous system, a huge volume of research is being conducted with promising results.

However, above all, the most exciting area being explored in relation to CBD is weight reduction. A lot of curiosity surrounds this particular area. Whether CBD can help reduce weight?

When it comes to scientifically backed evidence, there is still a lot more room for in-depth research regarding CBD’s direct impact on weight. Moreover, every person’s metabolism reacts differently to different supplements. However, there has been a lot of promising results shown by research about the effect of CBD on body mechanisms which may impact the way your body processes the fat and reacts to appetite.

Hence, CBD indirectly does have an impact on weight loss because it has a considerable impact on our appetite and fat metabolism. Let us explore these in detail;

CBD for Weight Loss

CBD Reduces Appetite

One of the significant impacts CBD has on our body is a decreased appetite. This, in turn, is very closely related to a reduction in weight.

Although there is some confusion regarding whether CBD increases or decreases appetite, the initial studies suggest that the latter is true. A group of people believes CBD actually increases appetite. While others argue that CBD itself has a curbing effect on appetite, but when used with other cannabinoids, especially THC, it can increase appetite.

THC has an impact on CB1 receptors distributed throughout the body. These receptors, besides controlling other functions have an impact on obesity. THC activates them and incites them to produce a hormone that increases appetite. Whereas, CBD acts as an antagonist to CB1 receptors and blocks their action hence it reduces the appetite. This antagonistic activity of CBD on CB1 receptors has been backed by research conducted in 2018.

CBD Plays a Pivotal Role in Fat Browning

One of the most compelling arguments in favor of the weight-reducing properties of CBD is that it helps in a process called the browning of fats.

There is a thorough study that suggests that CBD helps convert bad fats into good fats. White fat in the body is referred to as bad fat because it stores energy and excess of it leads to gaining weight. The study suggests that CBD helps convert white fat into brown fat which burns energy. This browning of fats by CBD results in an increased rate of fat breakdown in the body. This indirectly means a reduction in body weight.

Moreover, this process even helps reduce the body’s calorie consumption, which we all know leads to shedding some extra pounds.

CBD Protects Against Metabolic Disorders Related to Obesity

When it comes to obesity, we can readily relate it to certain metabolic problems like diabetes. Research indicates that CBD-based products can be very helpful in curbing obesity-related metabolic disorders. i.e. not only does it help reduce obesity but also the problems associated with it. Some of the issues CBD has been successful in managing are type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol.

This too is done by the antagonistic effect of CBD on CB receptors. It helps avoid the unwanted activity of the CB1 receptor hence bringing down the risk of obesity and related disorders.

Moreover, CBD helps reduce cholesterol levels by 25% as was noted in research conducted on rats. Although mammals usually react to most stimuli, in the same manner, a more in-depth research is needed when it comes to reducing cholesterol in humans.

Moreover, CBD is found to be very effective against inflammation and is a strong anti-oxidant. These properties too help in coping with high blood sugar levels and improve overall liver health.

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Points to be considered

  • Although some initial research has shown promising results about CBD’s potential to reduce weight, it cannot be and must not be considered an alternative to other healthier ways of losing weight. Regular workout, an increase in physical activity, and a balanced diet still remain to be the key factors in dealing with obesity. Moreover, managing stress and anxiety is important in this regard as well.

Relying on supplements like CBD alone is not going to do any good for your health in the long run. However, it does act to boost the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

  • Keep in mind that CBD products are not yet fully regulated by the FDA. Hence there are chances that some companies may not truly contain what their label shows. They might show the wrong percentages of ingredients as well on the label. So it is up to you to do thorough research before you decide to purchase a CBD product from any company.
  • Moreover, CBD does have the potential to interact with other medications you might be taking. So, in such cases, you must not rely on any supplements before consulting a physician.

The Legality of CBD

While residing in the USA, you must have a thorough knowledge of what the local laws say about the legal status of CBD. This is because they differ from one state to another.

CBD derived from hemp is legal according to federal law but some states consider it illegal. Moreover, according to federal law, the cultivation of marijuana and extraction of CBD from it for the purpose of making and selling CBD products is prohibited. This is because of the higher than recommended percentage of THC in marijuana. This makes marijuana-derived CBD products capable of being abused, especially full-spectrum products.  However, some states have authorized the sale of marijuana-derived CBD. This is because THC also has a lot of health benefits and sometimes when combined with CBD, these two cannabinoids give better results.

So it is important that you have knowledge of what your local laws say about the legality of CBD products.

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The scientific research about the relation between CBD and obesity is still in infancy. There isn’t yet complete and compelling evidence to safely say that CBD does help in coping with obesity. However, the research done so far suggest that it does have an impact on factors that are general causes of obesity. The researches conducted o far suggests that CBD can be helpful in coping with such factors as disturbed appetite, excess white fat accumulation, metabolic disorders, anxiety, stress, pain, and inflammation.

Moreover, products like CBD oil can be relied upon for overall health benefits. An edge these products have over other supplements is that they have minimal long-term side effects. However, the fact that the FDA so far has approved the use of CBD only to treat some rare forms of epilepsy remains valid. Moreover, there isn’t anyone formula fit for everyone. If you do decide to start a CBD regimen for weight loss, be sure to start with smaller doses and also wait for a day or two before moving to the second dose.


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