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CBD & Corona Virus

CBD for Coronavirus – Are We On the Verge of a Revolution?

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CBD and CoronaVirus

There are a lot of questions like can we use CBD for coronavirus? Can CBD cure coronavirus? or Does CBD have any effect on coronavirus? In this, we will try to address all these questions.

As the pandemic continues to haunt the world and humanity enters the ‘darkest winter’ of its history, every smallest ray of light is seen as a possibility of a brighter morning ahead. One such ray of light is seen in CBD by the researchers. However, is it just a blink or a new sun in the process of rising is yet to be decided. CBD is literally everywhere. It has emerged as a way of life and just a bunch of products.

You eat it, you inhale it, apply it on your face in the form of cosmetics, or simply breathe it into your lungs as a vape juice. However, what interests the masses the most right now is whether CBD can make history by preventing or treating COVID-19? Let’s take a look at what the researchers have to say about it.

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CBD against Coronavirus – How It may Help?

  • Two Canadian researchers named Olga and Igor Kovalchuck have been studying cannabis for quite a few years. Their study was published in Preprints, an online medical journal. They are trying to develop a new strain of cannabis plant. This novel strain, they hope, can be used as a preventive measure against COVID-19. The researchers explain that the virus enters the human body through an enzyme named ACE2. This enzyme is found in the human lungs, nasal and oral mucosa, gastrointestinal tract, testes, and kidneys. The two researchers believe that if this enzyme is modulated, the gateway for the entry of the COVID-19 virus can be blocked. Hence, it can be stopped from entering the body in the first place. Hence it can act as a preventive measure.
  • Besides preventing against the virus, Kovalchuck believes that the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD can also be used to treat a person suffering from coronavirus. Since CBD is already known to help reduce inflammation it can be used to relieve lung inflammation caused by a coronavirus. This can be done by modulating the COVID-19 target tissues and halting the ACE2 expression in these tissues. However, this entire theory yet needs to be confirmed. The researchers have yet not been able to develop that strain. Once they’ve done so, they will then have to give it a form of the useable medical formulation. Only then it could be used for both the prevention and treatment of coronavirus.
  • Besides, in a research article published in April 2020, the researchers proposed that CBD should be studied as a potential source to treat the patients affected by a coronavirus. They suggest that since CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, it should be tried as a remedy for the inflammation caused in the lungs by CVID-19. The researcher’s recommendation is based on the potential capability of CBD in controlling the cytokine storm. Now, what is that? When a person is infected with CONVID-19, the patient’s immune system overreacts and produces too many cytokines to fight the infection. This is termed as a cytokine storm. These cytokines develop inflammation in order to fight the infection. However, too many of them, when the immune system overreacts, does the actual damage. Besides the serious symptoms like high fever, nausea, fatigue, and inflammation, cytokine storm is often the reason for death. Since CBD is known to have minimum side effects and is still packed with anti-inflammatory powers, it is being looked at as a potential way of treating inflammation caused by COVID-19.
CBD for Coronavirus

Limitations and Concerns

The research regarding the use of CBD for coronavirus is in its initial stage. Although it does offer a ray of hope for a healthier future, there are some concerns and fears associated with CBD against coronavirus. For example, the use of CBD against cytokine storms may not be completely safe. It can even cause adverse effects especially at the early stages of infection. If it inhibits too many cytokines, the body’s immune system will be rendered ineffective. We do need cytokines to fight against infections. So, there needs to be more thorough research in this area.

Similarly, the Canadian researchers working on new strains of cannabis also mention alongside that even if they succeed in creating an effective new train, it may not work the same way for every person. Where it may help someone to prevent or treat coronavirus infection, it might cause serious side effects in others. So, one formula does not work for everyone.

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Although CBD is being looked upon as a ray of hope in breaking grounds against the pandemic, there needs to be a lot more research before we can finally come up with something really effective and safe at the same time. We will have to wait until the researchers have overcome all the concerns associated with the use of CBD against coronavirus. But let’s hope for the best.


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