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Packaging That Sells – Cannabis Pre Rolls Custom Packaging

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Cannabis pre rolls have emerged as one of the most booming industries in USA. Especially after the legalization of cannabis in most states, the industry has seen a significant surge.

Although its debatable whether the medicinal value of cannabis is yet backed by enough research, its use for treating various illnesses has been on a rise for the past few years. Gone are the days when cannabis joints were notorious to be used for recreational purposes only.

Where this unprecedented boom in this industry is a blessing for those dealing in weed, it has also increased the pressure manifold. The marketing teams of weed sellers need to come up with new strategies. The survival has become a lot tougher.

Here not only your product, but also its packaging needs to be better than your competitors. Pre roll packaging has assumed way more importance lately than you might have realized. Customized pre roll packaging with labels is something that can not only keep you alive in the industry but can also help you grow.

In order to make sure your packaging is capable of enhancing your sales, you need to pay attention to a few things. Here are a few pre roll packaging ideas which you need to discuss well with your wholesale packaging partner in order to get the most competitive pre roll boxes.

  • Box Design

Even if your weeds dispensary is producing the best pre rolls in the town, if your boxes are ordinary, you can be easily ousted from the competition. In order to stand out from the rest, you need to have a box design that reflects professionalism. It should be readily distinguishable from the rest.

When it comes to design, you can be a bit creative. Try to go for a unique option. Thinking out of the box for the box design can help you up the ante and stand distinguished from the crowd.

Try using such design options as windows, slides, tubes, compartments, handles, or other such options which make your boxes look premium. A unique box design helps grab customers’ attention. This in turn results in acquiring more customers and widening your customer base.

Moreover, once you’ve finalized a box design with your bulk producer, make sure you ask for a physical sample even if it costs you a bit extra. This will help you ascertain the precision of shape and size. Besides, it also gives an idea about the quality of the material before you actually place an order in bulk.

  • Printing Quality and Text Placement

When it comes to being a step ahead of others, nothing can prove to be as helpful as your box printing strategy. The printing plan and the quality have a huge role to play in brand identification and brand loyalty.

You must have a complete understanding of your target audience before finalizing a printing strategy. Having a realization about customers’ demographics; their average age, liking, disliking, societal status etc. can help jot down an affective packaging plan.

Even the minutest details matter a lot here. This includes color scheme, logo lettering, font. Etc. Besides, the way you place the text on the box is also very important. The current trend in to leave some space for an aesthetic appeal on the front side of the box instead of text bombardment.

Moreover, make sure you go for the highest quality printing. You can guarantee this by relying only on the most advanced printing tools. Offset printing can be handy when going for more detailed images and graphics. Whereas, for simpler graphics, digital printing can be a good option.

Make sure your packaging company uses the highest quality inks and its staff is well trained to put the machinery to its best use.

  • Packaging Material

Selecting the best suited packaging material is another crucial factor. It decides the overall appearance of your box. Besides, it shapes your brand’s image in the minds of your customers. A high end material provides a look of luxury to your brand.

But your boxes need to have a balance between affordability and quality. Choose the material accordingly. Where some packaging materials might be light on your pocket, they might not have the required sturdiness. Similarly, some of the most luxurious looking materials might nit fall within your budget.

No matter what your choice is, a good advice here would be to go for biodegradable options. These will help you play your role towards a better planet. At the same time, this will earn you a lot of respect in the eyes of your target audience. It portrays your brand as an a responsible and environment conscious brand. Moreover, using recycled material can sometimes be a cheaper and yet presentable option.

  • Finishing

Finishing may cost you a bit extra but trust me it’s worth it. A well finished or coated box reflects an elite appearance. No matter how much you’ve spent on your pre roll packaging boxes, if they are not finished well, it can prove to be a waste of money.

The manufacturers of cannabis joint boxes offer a huge variety of finishing and coating options to choose for. This can not only give your boxes a unique look but also give your brand an air of luxury.

Some of the most popular coating and finishing options include  UV, gold foiling, rose gold finish, silver coating, matte finish, glossy coating etc. Your choice here should reflect your company’s specific character and the demographics of your customer base.

Here too, a thorough look at a physical sample is advisable. This will give an idea about the final look of the finishing before you place a bulk order. It will save you of the disappointment at later stages.


In short, if you want your cannabis joints to sell like hot cakes, you need to put some effort in coming up with highly professional pre roll packaging. This is because the quality of your pre rolls alone cannot help you get noticed. It cannot provide your customers with a wholesome retail experience.

Your packaging box, being the first touch point for the customers, is a decisive factor in creating an impressive first impression. Besides, it has a huge impact on brand loyalty as it helps in retaining the customers. So, make sure you give due importance to the factors mentioned above to come up with a really competitive packaging.

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